Adorable Home Game Best Bento Combos

If you play Adorable Home Game, then chances are that you need to prepare great meals for your partner. If that is the case then the perfect Bento Box Combo can bring in more love from your partner. In This guide, the aim will be to provide you the best Bento Box Combos to please as you want. Take a look…

Best Bento Combos for Adorable Home Game

How To Use Bento Box and Why?

To combine meals, tap the bento box and select the main course, Side Dish, Dessert, and Box. You will receive love from your partner depending on how well you prepare the Bento Box. This is where the combos come in.

How To Use Bento Box and Why?
The image was taken in-game

Best Bento Combos

  • Galaxy bento box + chicken hamburger + shrimp tacos + strawberry pudding (689 hearts)
  • White bento box + Wellington Beef + roasted vegetables + strawberry cream cake (547 hearts)
  • Pink bento box + sushi rolls + sour and spicy shrimp + strawberry pie (780 hearts)
  • Cat-like bento box + lemon steamed fish + fresh vegetables + lemon pie (746 hearts)
  • Japanese bento box + sushi rolls + fruit salad + raspberry pudding, gives (564 hearts)
  • Sushi (90) – Sashimi (99) – Wagashi (90) – Japanese (450) or Cat-like (560); full cost = 279  + Bento Box
  • Hamburger (58) – Fries (15) – Macaroon (75) – Galaxy box (660); full cost = 148  + Bento Box
  • Toast Chicken (40) – Avocado Salad (66 ) – Tiramisu (58) – Cat-like box (560); full cost = 164  + Bento Box

One of my favorites is the classic Japanese Bento Combo. Even though it rates in the middle amongst Bento Combos, It still packs a punch. You can easily gain a lot of love with it if you prep them well. If you can unlock the Kitchen part of the game, you can do even more with combos and ingredients.

What is the Kitchen?

The Kitchen is the fifth unlockable location in Adorable Home of the six locations in the game. It was added to the game on September 30th, 2020 with the Version 1.9 update. The player can unlock the Kitchen with 3,000 Love. With the Kitchen, the player can prepare their own meals by using ingredients (e.g., raspberries, wheat, beef) harvested from their Farm. The player can give these dishes to their partner by placing them into the bento box.

That would be all for this guide on Best Bento Box Combos in Adorable Home Game. Leave your thoughts/queries in the comments below. We will see you soon with more such content.

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