Alchemy Stars | Best Detonator Units

Detonators are one of the four-unit classes in Alchemy Stars. You can consider Detonators as debuffs. They have a significant role in dispelling status effects on foes. More often than not, these status effects additionally increment the number of damage foes take, so Detonators generally set up marks on a target then, at that point set them all off without a moment’s delay for a major burst of damage, hence the name!

There are around 24 Detonator units in the game, so it becomes vital for you to shortlist the ones you should consider. This guide will give you a quick overlook of some of the best Detonators units in the game!

The Best Detonator Units in Alchemy Stars


Michael’s skill lets him dash to a spot, dealing damage to enemies and dealing extra damage to chunky targets. He ends his attacks with a chain of combo attacks on the spot, which deals damage in a surrounding area. His equipment skill grants him a stacking buff of silent thunder, which increases his normal attack damage equal to 2.5% HP of the current target. Michael is a great character for taking down hardy enemies with high Hitpoints.


Areia’s skillset and stats increase her attack by 25% for the round Her equipment skill makes her attacks do penetration damage as well. When her active skill is enabled, her chain combo instantly slays any enemies whose HP is lower than Areia’s attack x 1.5. Activate her active skill, then chain-combo as many enemies as you can for the optimum damage.


Sinsa’s active skill attacks enemies in an area of Cone around him. The enemies close to him take extra damage. All of his attacks inflict shatter effect, which reduces defense and stacks up to 5 times. Try to use normal attacks and chain combos first to build up shatter stacks. After you have done that, use his active skill for massive damage.


Charon’s active skill strikes 3 columns or rows, with the center column/row taking additional damage. This skill does 300% base damage, and it also has a chance to generate red tiles when Charon is fully broken. Her equipment skill makes her normal attacks negate defense, giving her the ability to go on high offense!


Regal has a special skill/resource which is called vis. He begins fighting with 10 vis and gains more as the nearby enemy count increases or when he’s in critical health. His active skill comes at the expense of 10 vis. It puts him in a heightened state where he can attack diagonally. Normal attacks and chain combo deal more damaged while he’s in this state. When he is fully broken, he can regain vis from defeated enemies.


Sharona’s active and equipment skills are built to apply dragon tooth marks. Each stack of dragontooth increases the amount of damage given by her active skill and final chain combo attack. Her active skill does 300% base damage, hence a marked target will receive a massive amount of damage from her skills

That would be all from this guide on The Best Detonator Units in Alchemy Stars. Leave your thoughts or doubts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next guide!

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