Alchemy Stars – Old Seal Quest Guide

Alchemy Stars has an interesting aspect to it which is known as the Old Seal. We’ll explain the basics to you in our Alchemy Stars Old Seal quest guide. We will show you what is it and how to unlock/get it in the first place, so let’s check it out…

How to Unlock the Old Seal

As we mentioned above, you can get it once you clear Stage 7. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose your recruit character straight away.

To do that you must do and finish missions first. This is perhaps the most grindy and strenuous part of the process. The reason is that most of these missions are time-gated.

As suggested by quite a lot of players, you need to rush through to Stage 8 as fast as possible to start the process as fast as you can.

One of the first missions you need to do is log into the game for ten days. The other missions involve spending a certain amount of prisms (energy) and clearing levels of the Spire.

Do not stress out on which character to pick. Since you will eventually unlock all the characters as you progress in the game, pick what suits your playstyle best to avoid any confusion.

The way the recruiting process works is that once you accomplish the goal of recruiting one character, you can do the same for others as well.

Old Seal – How Does it Work in Alchemy All-Stars?

If you’ve been playing the game for some time, you will notice that a button is there on your home menu called “Old Seal”. Old Seal unlocks after you clear stage 7-14.

Once you unlock it, “Old Seal” allows you to choose one of the four 6-star units for free with their ascension levels maxed out. you can get these special Aurorians only through the Old Seal. Here is the list of Aurorians you can pick from:

Requiem (Type: Thunder)

Mythos (Type: Wood)

Frostfire (Type: Fire)

Regal (Type: Water)

About Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars consists of Innovative Strategic Gameplay with Original turn-based combat.

You need to master elemental attributes to draw the optimal plan of attack. Optional auto-combat mode is available as well. The game is very welcoming to new and casual gamers.

Check the list of official links from the developers:

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That would be all from this guide. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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