“Bugs, bots and Balance” update fixes New World Issues

The New World, an MMO Game from Amazon is still trying to recover from the host of issues at launch with the game breaking bugs which makes the game characters prone to bugs which lets players to post the HTML codes which massively interrupted the players. These bugs caused the New World Players a lot of time time and money they spent on this broken game.

The most notorious issue was that the New World Game was bricking Graphics Cards. The game makes the Graphics card drivers fail and eventually kills the GPU. This is a very serious issue as Graphics card nowadays the priciest components in your computer. It was reported that even high end Graphics cards like the EVGA RTX 3090 Graphics cards are prone to break when running this game.

The game’s latest update in February which is referred to as the bugs bots and balance update. In this update the fans can expect a lot of bug fixes. The total amount of bug fixes are were over 700 according to the Lead QA, Greg Jones and the developers at large.

One of the biggest issue that has been addressed this month is the player friction which was Game breaking bug according to the Creative Director David Verfaillie and the Game Director Scot Lane. They also planned out out a solution like reducing the cost of the fast travel and reducing the recovery times at the Inns.

The lead Director, Dave Hall promised that after the update rolls out the players will be able to roam around the world freely and its going to be really great after the bug fixes.

Another improvement that has been made on their part is the key improvements in the player movements. Many players have reported that the movement in the world feels very clunky. The developers in this new update will be tweaking the jumping mechanics and removed the slowdown when you are attacking with melee weapons.

They claim that these fixes will fix the New World’s experience and hence the players will feel the improved combat and movement activities.

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