Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 | Fluid Draining Guide

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is a new game with a good player base. You are the owner of a car garage and you work on it to build and grow your service business. Get your hands dirty in a super-realistic simulation game that has good detailing and environmental graphics. The game has 4000+ unique parts and over 72 cars. A lot of options to pick from, and play around with, in this game.

One of the aspects of the in-game services is Draining Fluids from the cars. As you know from real-life experiences, draining fluid is important to keep the cars running efficiently. It also prevents the breakdown of the vehicles. In this guide, I will show you how to do that. This will hopefully save you in-game money, and you will be able to do it yourself.

How To Drain Fluid in CMS 2021

Knowing how to drain the fluid by yourself is key to saving money in the game. Otherwise, you have to pay for these basic services, and that is a bit of a bummer. There are two types of fluids in the game. The first one is basic Oil. Then there are other fluids that follow a different set of rules. Let’s take a look…

How To Drain Oil

First, raise the car on the car lift. After you have done that, click on the oil drain and click ‘move -> to car lift’. Pick the oil drain again and click ‘use’. Oil will now be flowing once you do that. This is the indication that the drainage has started. Once it stops, click on the oil drain again and click ‘move -> move back’. That is the complete process to drail Oil from the vehicles.

How To Drain Other Fluids

Here, you do not need to lift the car. Instead, make sure the car is lowered. Open the hood of the vehicle and Left-click to work on the part you want to drain. Right-click on the cap > Left-click on ‘Additional Tools’ > Left-click on ‘Drain Tool’. This is the Drain Mode of the Fluid and you can operate from here. Hold left-click on the cap of the fluid you want to drain. If you want to exit this mode, press ‘escape’ or press right-click and then press ‘Switch to part unmount mode’. That should do it in this section. You will be able to drain other fluids like this with ease.

CMS 2021 Game Features

CMS 2021 guides

Existing Features

  • 72 Cars to fix
  • Over 4000 unique parts
  • An infinite number of randomly-generated orders
  • Car Auctions
  • Barn finds
  • Junkyard hunts
  • Handcrafted story missions
  • Skills and garage upgrade system
  • Car tuning
  • Endless gameplay
  • Race track with time trial

New Additions

  • Car Fluids
  • Car Wash with new grime-removing machines
  • Spacious open plan garage
  • New damage type for body parts – dent
  • Paintable mechanical car parts
  • New engine sounds
  • Minigames
  • Brake lathe tool
  • Quality upgrade system
  • Fuseboxes
  • New Parking System
  • Salvage Auctions
  • Revised part-examine mode
  • Visual customization body parts
  • Car Configurator
  • Rusted bolts

That would be from this brief guide on changing car fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Leave your doubts/Thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for dropping by!

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