Dark Nemesis Infinite Quest – Classes Guide

When you log into your game and begin playing, you’re probably wondering which is the best class for you. Obviously, this is an entirely subjective question and one that might depend on how much you want to play and what style you prefer. Still, as long as you don’t mind having a few options, there are a number of advantages to choosing from among the different classes.

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is a four-class MMO where each class is unique and perfectly capable of getting through challenges and getting a few kills here and there. However, not every class is perfect.

Dark Nemesis Infinite Quest - Classes Guide

Dark Nemesis Infinite Quest – Classes Guide

Still, the most important aspect of your character selection is the one that you enjoy the most. You don’t need to become a healer and start questing all the time, as long as you enjoy yourself while doing it. You could even choose to not have an account at all if your favorite thing is the combat system and you enjoy the game enough.

In the case of the Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest game, it has become increasingly important to know what you’re getting into before you invest your time in it.

In the previous section, we explained the importance of having a strong foundation. We now want to go through a list of different classes and give you some advice as to which ones are best for you.

The Assassin Class

  • Damage: 5⭐
  • Survivability: 2.5⭐
  • Burst: 2⭐
  • Range: 1.5⭐
  • Mobility: 1⭐

The assassin class in Dark Nemesis is a master of sustained damage, able to easily cut through swathes of enemies with a few attacks and skills.

However, they excel at this particular type of attack with a notable tradeoff in survivability, range, and mobility.

Assassins excel at melee combat and have a few skills that let them move quickly between targets.

Assassins can transition into Flash Killers, Shadow Slayers, and Venom Ninjas, all of which trade some of their damage for more defenses, or in some cases, extra mobility.

The Warrior Class

  • Damage: 5⭐
  • Survivability: 4⭐
  • Burst: 3.5⭐
  • Range: 2⭐
  • Mobility: 3⭐

Warriors are the default class for new players due to their high starting damage potential. While Warriors are not as powerful as Assassins, their survivability is high enough to allow them to become a viable starter for those who do not have the raw power to compete with other top-tier classes.

Warriors are great at dealing with most situations. They have the best burst damage out of all the classes.

You can switch between styles during a fight, but they’re more subtle than with Assassins.

The Gunslinger Class

  • Damage: 5⭐
  • Survivability: 1.5⭐
  • Burst: 3⭐
  • Range: 4⭐
  • Mobility: 3.2⭐

Gunslingers are fast and highly damaging classes in a world full of deadly weapons. This means that they are an excellent choice for dealing with lots of damage and keeping you safe at the same time. The only problem is that you can’t take them out for a nice stroll through the park!

Assassins and Gunslingers both rely on their quick reflexes to dodge attacks, but it’s Gunslingers who have the most trouble standing up to the physical harm of these skills.

There isn’t much to say about this class other than that it is designed for beginners and that it can be easily transitioned into one of the other classes (Cyber Petals, Enchanted Roses, or Absolute Zero). Gunslingers have a lot going for them, but they also have the same problem that all of the other melee classes have; they are weak to stuns.

The Mage Class

  • Damage: 5⭐
  • Survivability: 1.5⭐
  • Burst: 4.5⭐
  • Range: 2.5⭐
  • Mobility: 3⭐

The strongest class in the game has everything needed to deal excellent sustained damage. However, it does so by featuring not only skills and attacks that deal excellent sustained damage but also a massive burst of potential that can bring even the toughest foes to their knees.

There is a clear trade-off between durability and ease of use in the battle against damage. While durability comes at a high cost, easy use makes them difficult to master.

The three style transitions allow you to change your kit to fit the situation.

This is with the exception of the Cosmic Goddess, which sacrifices damage and burst for mobility and survivability, letting them act as tanks in some settings. While Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest only has four classes to choose from, the choice is still as difficult as always.

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