Diplomacy is Not an Option – Upcoming Event Updates and Patches

This post shows the upcoming featured event updates and future patches for “Diplomacy is Not an Option”. This includes, near future updates, possible bug fixes, and the full release patches and changes. Take a look.

Diplomacy is Not an Option – Upcoming Event Updates and Patches

Near Future Updates and Patch Fixes

1. Further balancing of missions’ difficulty. Having this done, we hope that players of different skills will be able to easily find a difficulty that suits them.
2. Adding new map presets to the endless mode:

  • The preset almost without attacking waves for those who want to build the city and avoid tense battles
  • The preset with royal forces as your main enemy

3. Bug fixing and game polishing

Later Updates and Fixes

  • Improving the map generation
  • Adding new languages. Please, do, share with us your ideas on what languages you think the game should support
  • Adding the brand new branch to the research tree. The one related to University.
  • Visual improvement of the mountain models. Already in work, so soon maps will become even more enjoyable to watch.
  • Adding more difficulty levels
  • Adding new in-game mechanics and features. We are not ready to announce them yet, as many things are under discussion right now. We need to get a clear picture of what we can implement and how much time it’ll require. Also, we’d be grateful to hear suggestions from the game community.
  • Improving UI, including increasing the font/ adding the option to scale UI
  • Improving UX, specifically for troops placement on walls and towers
  • Adding a “photo-mode” that hides UI for you to make great screenshots
  • Adding achievements!
  • Further bug fixing and general game polishing.

Full-launch Updates

  • Single-player campaign with 12 missions (counting 3 already presented in EA version). Apart from missions in the second part of the campaign, you will see:
    • New factions with bosses in their roster
    • New unique enemies not belonging to any faction
    • More presets for the endless mode
    • New game type: puzzle-mode
    • Map editor
    • More features, buildings, and in-game mechanics

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