Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle Chart Complete Guide

There are five different types of characters and five different types of Ki Spheres (plus Rainbow type Ki Spheres) in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Each type has an advantage over a certain type and a disadvantage against another type. But let’s take a look at how exactly those advantages and disadvantages work.

Battle Chart Guide for DBZ Dokkan Battle

  • Agility (AGLBLUE) type units are stronger against Strength (STRRED) type units but weaker against Technique (TEQ, GREEN) type units.
  • Strength (STR, RED) types units are stronger against Physical (PHY, YELLOW) type units but weaker against Agility (AGL, BLUE) type units.
  • Physical (PHY, YELLOW) type units are stronger against Intelligence (INT, PURPLE) type units but weaker against Strength (STR, RED) type units.
  • Intelligence (INT,PURPLE) type units are stronger against Technique (TEQ,GREEN) type units but weaker against Physical (PHY,YELLOW) type units.
  • Technique (TEQ,GREEN) type units are stronger against Agility (AGL,BLUE) type units but weaker against Intelligence (INT,PURPLE) type units.

Rainbow Ki Spheres transform into whatever type the other Ki Spheres are chain-linked with. Here is an illustrative example of a Ki Spheres:

The color of the Ki Spheres doesn’t affect the damage output of your unit. For example, your Agility (Blue) unit chain-link purple Ki Spheres in order to attack a Technique (Green) type unit. Its attack will still be blocked (halved) because what matters is the units type (A Blue unit attacking a Green one in this case).


Characters that evolve via Z-Awakening have a Super or Extreme sign above their type. Super are heroes while Extreme is villains. Something like good guy / bad guy sort of thing. This allows them to deal even more damage against the weak to their type units. It will also grant them even more damage reduction against that type.

How To Defend in DBZ Dokkan Battle

Defending in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is equally important as attacking. If your unit dies… well, it can’t attack anyway, right? So keep in mind how the Battle Type chart works in order to put your units into the best possible position during battle! For example, as you see in the picture below, an enemy INT (Purple) unit is going to attack the unit in the first position. Since TEQ (Green) is weaker defending an INT unit, it would be a good idea to switch its position with the STR (Red) unit.

That’s all there’s to know about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Type Charts. If you have a question or you would like to add something, let us know in the comment section down below!

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