DragonSky Guide: WIKI, Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

DragonSky is a 3D shooting action RPG Mobile game developed by Com2uS. The game is an Idle Merge game, where you merge your dragons to take down enemies and bosses. There are also PVP Modes and Groups called legions where you can share the fun with players all around the globe.

In this guide, we will check out all the starting items, tips, cheats (if any), and strategies to progress in the game. The topics which these covers are:

Getting The First Elite Dragon

The main tip here would be to merge two shining Tier 10 dragons. Since the game is a merge and idle game, merging is vital here.

This will increase your chances of getting an exotic dragon after you merge dragons. You will be given a limit of 2500 eggs for the maximum amount you can hatch.

The hatching process will be at normal speed. The key advice here would be to speed up the hatching process by 2 x to increase efficiency.

Getting The First Elite Dragon
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The speed of the hatching will keep decreasing gradually to your 7,000th egg. This should be your upper ceiling.

I would not suggest you go beyond this since this can be hectic and less rewarding. Try to keep all the gems and currencies intact thus far, and try not to spend them.

Make sure to go to the tabs namely legendary boss, daily boss, Dragon Search, and essence search.

You can use gems now, but I would suggest investing them in the Lab and nowhere else.

You should be able to obtain Rare or better dragons by fusing two Level 10 ones. Your main focus here should be to upgrade Neros and avoid the rest of the resource traps the game will try to offer you.

Next up, try to upgrade Dragon Slots to level 6 as soon as you can. You can acquire Upgrading Stones fairly easily in the game. Hence you should reach max levels of items fairly quickly.

The lucky wheel is your next best option to get goodies from the game. Whenever the chance arises, make sure to take it for a spin.

Joining a Legion [Level 200]

Joining a Legion [Level 200]
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This is the right time to invest your resources in Neros. Why Neros you may ask? That is because I find it to be an all-around good unit with versatile moves.

You can always fuse dragons to get better rarities but the main emphasis should be on Neros here.

If you are lucky enough to get multiple copies of Neros, max her out as soon as you can. Her Max level will help you reach Level 200 with relative ease.

In terms of searching Legion, find the one that is the highest in your league. This will help you in earning precious Contribution points. You can then use them to purchase a good rarity, or better to say Mystical Dragons

Try to gain contribution points and battle points by different methods. Make sure to do the tabs called Legendary Boss: Daily Boss, Journey, and Broken Seal.

You can also earn points by fusing dragons. You should ideally reach the highest level you can get for that day, then do the Daily Boss. In this way, you can skip all the easy Levels and it would be much easier that way.

Get the Conquest skin for the attack, then HP and Armor. You may upgrade their stats with Life Gems. Use the Lab to level up key traits that would help you in the game.

Keep using the red gems here until all of your desired units are maxed. It is a bit time-consuming but can be done with patience.

Starting The PVP Journey [Level 1000]

Starting The PVP Journey [Level 1000]
Credits: Gamerunits.com

As soon as you reach Level 1000, the PVP aspect of the game opens up for you. Here you can battle it out with players around the globe to get the covered Honor Points.

Each day, you will get 30 attempts so my advice would be to use them all to maximize efficiency. Honor Points are crucial in purchasing Mystical Dragons so you can understand the significance.

This is the first time you will get to know about Team Building in the game. There are some points and tips to keep in mind while you are at it.

First of all, Resources are your bread and butter to build a good team hence use them wisely. You should focus on normal and passive buffs, which you will acquire once your dragon reaches the 7 7-star rating.

Try to gather as many shining shards, Honor points, and Contribution points. These will help you in increasing your rating and get your hands on Legendary Dragons.

Get these dragons from the respective stores and upon getting their copies, level them up as much as possible. Your aim should be 7 Stars.

Mid-Game Strategies and Tips [Level 3000]

Get your hands on enough copies to level your dragons to at least 5 stars and at most 7 stars.

At this point in the game get your ancient gems ready. You can later use them to unlock and upgrade Goddess Skins. Here is a suggestive priority to consider:

Successor > Song of Anger > Judge > Wicked Witch > Guardian > Guide > Immortal Knight > Thorn Crow > Birth of Spring.

When you hit the level 80 mark for yourself the journey should start for you. Keep one main dragon, while another dragon with buffs endures the journey.

You need to reach the same levels in all three areas. Once you finish stage 9 in all areas will get you Category 3 rewards. This will also help you in obtaining Tier 10 Dragons which can come in very handy, so make sure to not skip any step.

Upon reaching level 250, Broken Seal will unlock for you. Start collecting broken seals since they can be used to exchange the dragons. This can be time-consuming so be patient on this one and do it at your ease.

Once your dragons reach 6-star, the binding option for the dragons becomes available for players. You can pair any 5-star dragons or higher as your support for your main Dragon. Try to level them up to 7 Star.

This should be enough to take your team to level 3,000.

Mid To Late Game Tips and Strategies [Level 4000]

Considering that you are progressing as planned, this is the time when you should have most dragons at a 7-star rating with two or three at 6 stars waiting to level them up. Make sure to upgrade your normal and rare ones to levels 800-1000 also.

That way you can get those extra bits of damage. These damage counts will make your life inside the game that much easier.

You will use up a lot of Dragon Souls in the process of leveling up and Increasing ratings. Knowing where to get some extra souls can come in handy. Hence a few cheats and methods are showing the same:

  • If you are not using a 5-Star Dragon, disenchant it immediately.
  • Do lots of Boss runs. Upon completion, you will receive Affinity Nuts.
  • Feed them to your High-rating dragons and they will offer you dragon souls in return.
  • Do a lot of recapture missions. These will reward you with decent amounts of Dragon Souls.
  • Use the secret Market to disenchant dragons, and obtain souls in return.
  • There are a couple of Pass Progressions that grant you, souls,

That would be all from this guide on beginners’ tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies for DragonSky.

Do let us know your thoughts via the comment section below. Thanks for reading and we will see you soon with more of such content.

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