Echocalypse – Beginner Guide, Tips, and Tricks

This is a general guide for Echocalypse where I will try to help you progress quickly in the game by guiding you through some of the basic building blocks and progresses in the game.

This is by no means an advanced guide so make sure to take note of that. Those of you who are starting out with the game will benefit from this guide, and hopefully, this will point you in the right direction.

Echocalypse – Beginner Guide, Tips, and Tricks

To begin with the basics, the characters will attack in turns since this is a turn-based RPG game. You build a rage meter as you do more attacks. Once rage is full, your character will release a powerful attack automatically.

You will progress normally until you hit levels 6-7. After that, you are free to pick what you do and how you can progress. Here are my tips to progress after that.

Check for Unfinished Tasks and Missions

On the Home screen, there is a Bell icon in the middle right of the screen. Tap on that to check your unfinished tasks and missions if you have any. Try to be as punctual as possible and complete them to get the most XP and Rewards out of the game.

[Echocalypse] Beginner Fast Progression!

Check Daily Tasks Tab

Right below the Bell icon is the Daily Tasks Icon. Click on that to pull up a list of tasks to complete. This resets daily so make the most out of it. Completing these grants you in-game currencies as well as other additional rewards for you to use.

The First Appearance Draw

This tab is located at the top-left of the home screen. You will get rounds to play in Echocalypse and this particular tab grants you lots of rewards to enjoy and speed up your overall progress.

Basically, what you need to do here is finish the given stages, and come at 1st place. Each reward has a group from which you can pick. Each group or Case has an SSR character, and you will be rolling for these.

first appearance draw

7-Day Check-In Rewards

Take due note that the 7-day check-in rewards are something you should not miss at all. They give a hefty chunk of rewards along with tools to speed up progress in the game. Make sure you check this tab and claim your rewards every 7 Days of the month.

This tab is located in the middle left of the home screen so it is not that easy to miss by any means.

Steel Ambition

Right above the 7-Day Check-In reward tab is the Steel Ambition tab. You also need to be aware of this and check it from time to time. Inside the Steel Ambition Tab, you will see a number of missions and tasks to do.

Completing them will grant you with a decent amount of XP and Rewards which you do not want to miss.

Building and Having the Right Squads

Squad building in this game is one of the most essential tips I can give to you. As a beginner, you would want to spend the majority of your time in Echocalypse to build a decent balanced squad.

This will help you maintain a steady progression pace and help you with most of the game content and unlock more of it.

Link System – There are certain link systems within the squad building that will help the characters boost each other’s stats. Here is what one should look like:

Ideally, you would want to get those characters with each other that boosts each other’s stats. Each case has its own links and buffs so take due note of that. Click on the “LINK” inside the squad building menu to pull up this menu that will show you all the information in Links and their benefits.

Have a Good Line Up

For a beginner who is starting out with the game, having a good squad lineup is the key to making the game progress smooth and hassle-free. Here is one of my beginner-friendly lineups for you to try:

Organization Structure

Apart from having a good lineup, you also need an Affinity level to boost the stats of the team. There is a tree icon inside the squad lineup where you can do this.

Try to increase the affinity of each character, then match them as per the organization structure. You will see that there is a boost in stats after that. When the Affinity level gets full, press “Level Up” and you will increase more stats for the squad.

Combat Gears are essential

The other thing that makes your cases or squad very impactful is Combat Gears. Hence focusing here is the one thing that I would highly recommend.

each gear has its own rarities and levels. As you can see from the above image, it will give you a boost in overall HP, HP Bonus, Block stats, Attacks stats, and more.

If you can gather 4 of the same set, then you get a massive boost in one of the stats mentioned and get a good head start on your overall game progression.

In order to get Combat Gear, you can farm them in Patrol Tab, inside the Abyssal Dive. Since this level resets daily, you have the chance to farm essential Combat Gears every day!

Inside the Abyssal Dive tab, there are purchase tabs from which you can get the gears. They are:

  • Honor
  • Permanent Procurement
  • Abyss Procurement

Activate Augmentation Using Boost

Inside the “Squads” tab you can see that every character has a Passive ability. You can boost these using the augmentations. In order to activate them, use the “Boost” option there.

Go Inside Boost > Augment > Level Up the augments from there. Your augment should at least be Tier 2 to activate the passives. Anything below that tier does not work.

Level Up Cases Using Resources

level up your cases from the squad’s tab using the various resources you get by simply playing the game. This is the most important aspect of getting good stats and progressing properly in the game.

Have a Decent Knowledge of Artifacts

Artifacts are very crucial to fight in the game. They will give you different boosts during combat. Some will give massive attack damage while others will help you sustain the squad.

Make sure that you level them up by simply clicking on them and leveling them up using the resources. Make sure to use the artifacts that are important for your current squad. Any unwanted artifacts should be kept away since you can only use 4 at a time!

If you keep the above points in mind as a beginner, you should have an easy time picking the game up and progressing along quite nicely. Do let me know if you need any help regarding Echocalypse and I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge!

Thanks for reading!

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