Experience how terrifying survival can be in the new Green Hell VR Trailer

The all-new Green Hell is a new Virtual Reality Game yet to be released by Developer Incuvo Games. And we already have a sneak peek of what is coming in their recent trailer.

This VR Survival game puts the gamers on its toes by making them experience survival on a different level altogether. The Demo Version of this game is available right now on Steam.

The Green Hell VR game is the virtual reality version of the original Survival game, Green Hell. The Demo is available on the Steam platform for gamers who have the new VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. The developers also cleared that they won’t be bringing this title to Playstation VR. The game is scheduled to release in 2022 but we haven’t got a confirmed date yet.

The main plot of the story is to survive against the enemies in the thick rainforest. There are predators, infected people among the few enemies of the game. The game is a survival simulator with a truly immersive experience especially when you are on high difficulty levels.

Green Hell VR Game

The all-new Green Hell VR game brings in all the game mechanics that make playing this game extremely immersive and enjoyable. The players will be traversing among the thick swamps, use the stealth approach to ensure that the infected and the dangerous animals don’t get alerted. You would also have to periodically check the watch for parasites and dehydration.

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