Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) – All Achievements Guide

This is a FS 22 Complete Achievements Guide. On our Farming Simulator 22 achievements blog, you will find information about all of the new achievements in the popular farming simulator video game. These achievements have been made by gamers just like you!

Some of them may need to be double-checked. If any of them do not work, kindly do comment that down so that we can rectify for the same. Enjoy the rest of the guide!

All Farming Simulator (FS) 2022 Achievements Guide

Road Trip Achievement Guide

  • Drive 100km with cars.

Field trip Achievement Guide

  • Drive 150km with tractors

Long haul Achievement Guide

  • Drive 50km with trucks.

It just fell off Achievement Guide

  • Repair a vehicle or implement.

Fix me up Achievement Guide

  • Repair vehicles or implements 25 times. (Can repair same vehicle multiple times, second hand vehicles do not count).

Van Gogh Achievement Guide

  • Repaint a vehicle.

Ultimutt Pawesomeness Achievement Guide

  • Pet your dog.

Allez Hopp Achievement Guide

  • Jump with a Horse.

You are not a kangaroo Achievement Guide

  • Jump with a horse 500 times.

Giddy-up! Achievement Guide

  • Fully ride a horse to it’s first daily 100% ride.

Thoroughbred! Achievement Guide

  • Ride horses for 50 kilometres.

Plant get enough Achievement Guide

  • Fertilize 1 hectare (can use helpers).

The plot thickens Achievement Guide

  • Fertilize 100 hectares (can use helpers).

I read Shakespeare and stuff Achievement Guide

  • Cultivate 1 hectare (can use helpers).

Highly cultivated Achievement Guide

  • Cultivate 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Just a sprinkle Achievement Guide

  • Sow 1 hectare (can use helpers).

It’s sow easy Achievement Guide

  • Sow 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Own use Achievement Guide

  • Harvest 1 hectare of crops (can use helpers).

Large-scale supplier Achievement Guide

  • Harvest 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Help me to help you Achievement Guide

  • Complete 1 contract.

Helper A does not stop… Ever. Achievement Guide

  • Complete 50 contracts.

Clucky streak Achievement Guide

  • Breed 50 chickens.

Three little piggy’s Achievement Guide

  • Breed 50 pigs.

Fluffiness Achievement Guide

  • Breed 15 sheep.

Cowherd Achievement Guide

  • Breed 30 cows.

Bringing in the honey! Achievement Guide

  • Place 15 beehives.

That’s a wrap Achievement Guide

  • Wrap X amount of bales. (Can be bugged)
  • Only grass bales can be wrapped.
  • We also Tried on other maps but could not get wrapped bales counter to go up from 0.
  • Tried square bales as well as round bales. Sold at biogas plant. Still nothing happened.
  • This brings us to a conclusion that this could be Possibly bugged.

Cheese it Achievement Guide

  • Collect all 12 Cheese Wedges (collectibles) on the Erlengrat map.

Game on Achievement Guide

  • Collect all 20 cartridges (collectibles) on the Haut-Beyleron map.

Pretty colourful Achievement Guide

  • Collect all 100 Wooden Toy Figures (collectibles) on the Elmcreek map.

Gone but not for cotton Achievement Guide

  • Sell X amount of cotton bales. (UNCONFIRMED, might be bugged?)

This is just my weekend vehicle Achievement Guide

  • Buy and own 30 vehicles.

I like to switch it up Achievement Guide

  • Buy and own 45 vehicles.

Vehicle Fleet Achievement Guide

  • Buy and own 60 vehicles.

Well-Oiled machine Achievement Guide

  • Own 10 factories (construction menu, place them).

All out of land Achievement Guide

  • Buy 20 buildings or farm elements.

Raisin the stakes Achievement Guide

  • Sell 80.000 liters of grapes.

Olea Europaea Achievement Guide

  • Sell 60.000 liters of olives.

Original grain Achievement Guide

  • Sell 500.000 liters of sorghum.

Hard work pays off Achievement Guide

  • Have 10.000.000 credits.

It’s just the beginning Achievement Guide

  • Play 10 hours in a single savegame.

It’s never too late to farm Achievement Guide

  • Load a one year old savegame that has not been played in a year.

Rock on Achievement Guide

  • Sell stones, amount can be as low as 1 liter.
    (Does not work for place able stone crusher, so not possible on Erlengrat).

I’m stumped Achievement Guide

  • Cut down 1 tree (must own land tree is on).

You wood not believe it Achievement Guide

  • Cut down 25 trees (must own land tree is on).

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  1. For the gone but not for cotton you need to sell 40 bales of cotton, but it will only work if you sell all 40 bales in the same session.
    If you for example sell 10 bales and shut down the game, the counter resets.


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