FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes (Updated for 2021)

If you are playing FarmVille 3 for some time now, you would know the importance of free items in the game. Some examples of these are decorative vases, Rubies, Farmhand Stickers, and more.

Getting these rewards can be a tough ask given the TimeGate feature of the game. Luckily the Developers provide us with redeem codes from time to time to make this journey a bit easier. In this post, we will check out all the redeem codes for 2021 in FarmVille 3! Redeem them and win a lot of free goodies in the game.

FarmVille 3 Updated Redeem Codes for 2021

How To Redeem The Codes

The first thing to do in this game is to reach level 5. The option to redeem the code becomes available at this level only. To get to this menu, click the settings cogwheel at the top-right of your screen. Now select “Redeem Code” to open a tab where you can input the codes and press OK.

To claim the codes, you need to check the “Mail” icon on your home screen. Simply open that icon and you should see the rewards with a message of “Congratulations!”. Press on that and claim your free redeem code rewards in FarmVille 3! TLDR:

  • Reach Level. 5 in the game
  • Open the Settings cogwheel
  • Press Redeem Codes
  • Input Code and Press OK
  • Open the Mail from the home screen
  • Claim the rewards by selecting “Congratulations!” Message

Updated Redeem Codes for 2021

  • FARMVILLELIVESTREAM[gives you 5 free rubies]
  • KATIE [gives you 2x Flower Barrels]
  • CHAD[gives you 3x Chad Farmhand Character Stickers]
  • BUDDY[gives you buddy token. Use them to purchase an exotic animal from store]
  • MARIE[grants you 3x Marie Farmhand Character Stickers]
  • WELCOMEFV3[1x gold paw token, 3x Chad stickers, 3x Marie stickers]
  • WELCOMEHOME[ 1 FarmVille 1 Legend and FarmVille 2 Legend Statues]
  • TROPICESCAPE[1 x FarmVille Tropic Escape Legend Statue]
  • COUNTRYESCAPE[1 x FarmVille Country Escape Legend Statue]
  • FARMVILLELAUNCH[ 50 x Diamonds]
  • LOVEFARMVILLE[1x Buddy Token, 3x Chad Stickers, 3x Marie Stickers]
  • LOVEFARMVILLE3[1x Buddy Token, 3x Chad Stickers, 3x Marie Stickers]
  • HELLOFARMVILLE [25 x Diamonds]

As the game unfolds more codes, we will be updating this post as well. Bookmark us and refresh/reload from time to time to check for the latest redeem codes in FarmVille 3.

How To Get More Redeem Codes in FarmVille 3

You can find new codes on a number of occasions as the developers plan to release them. These range from live streams, special events, social shares, milestones for the game, and many more special goals achieved by the game.

Check out their socials [Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube] to get the details directly from them if you wish to do so. You can also request free redeem codes if you happen to be an established creator. Sometimes they tend to provide free redeem codes to such content creators to promote their products as well.

That would be all from this guide on The Redeem Codes List for FarmVille 3. Stay posted with us for more of such content. Thanks for reading!

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