Gedonia – 100% Achievement Guide (Steam)

Gedonia is a classic open-world RPG, featuring complete freedom of building your character, exploring a huge world, and completing quests.

Recent Reviews: Very Positive (46)

All Reviews: Very Positive (1,303)

Release Date: 14 Oct, 2022

Developer: Kazakov Oleg

Publisher: Kazakov Oleg

In this guide, I will list all the achievements you can unlock for Gedonia on steam, as well as the requirement for each of those achievements.

Gedonia achievements guide

100% Achievements Guide for Gedonia

These are the list of all achievements and the instructions to get them in Gedonia.

First progress

Getting a single level up will help you get this one.

A reliable horse

Get a horse mount.

The best friend

Acquire a dog companion.

A faction member

Become a member of any faction.

Rest in peace

Return sir Richard’s remains to the coffin.

See that mountain? You can climb it

Climb to the top of the guiding mountain in Endless Fields.

An answer to everything

Complete the entire main story of the game.

Getting rid of evil

Defeat the demon lord in the citadel of evil.

An undead guard

Defeat the Skeleton reaper and skeleton deviant at the same time.

A wild bunch

Defeat Blood freak, Giant wild demon, and orc commander at the same time.

An enslaved heroes

Kill all mind-controlled heroes in the citadel of evil at the same time.

Greatest adventurer

Complete all secondary quests in the world.

I am the boss

Kill all world bosses on the map.


Explore the whole world map.

Any ride you want

Get all mounts in the game.

No mystery unsolved

Solve all mysteries on the map.

And that is all the trophies and achievements for Gedonia. If you have anything to add to the list, make sure to comment down below.

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