Golf Rival – Best Clubs Chart

It’s difficult to redesign every one of your clubs equally in Golf Rivals because of the limited number of coins you get. In this Golf Club Chart guide, we will help you pick a chosen handful of clubs in the long run.

Best Clubs Chart in Golf Rival

Best Sand Wedge Clubs

Avoiding the sand is your best bet when playing this game. Landing one shot in the sand usually turns out to be the losing point in the game for you. Having that said, there are two clubs you should use here.

They are Bone Claw and Scorpion. You should get them at stages 8 and 12 respectively. The scorpion has a sidespin advantage, but other than that, they are identical.

Best Wedge Clubs

There are a couple of Clubs Here that are worth the mention. They are Hawk and Shuttle. You will get Hawk at stage 7 and it is a very precise club to use. It contains a speed reduction buff that helps you in hitting precision shots will relative ease.

The second one, that is, Shuttle which has terrain ignoring buff. This is not as precise as the Hawk but can come in handy, in sticky situations.

Best Iron Clubs

The two best Iron Clubs in our opinion would be The Unicorn and The Peacock. These two clubs can be obtained at stages 10 and 5 respectively. If you want side spin and good accuracy then Unicorn will check the boxes quite well. The Peacock gives you top and backspin, unlike the Unicorn. This also provides you with a passive that ignores all-terrain debuffs. An Ideal club to have for such situations where the terrain is causing issues in lading those critical shots!

Best Wood Clubs

The Two Best Wood Clubs we would recommend are Phoenix and Cardinals. You can get these two at stages 10 and 6 respectively. The Phoenix has 50% wind resistance added to its passive buff stat.

This is combined with high hit power and sidespin for those powerful and accurate shots. This club can be compared to Bat Wings which we will show below. Cardinals is similar to Phoenix but this one has top and backspin features.

Best Driver Clubs

We have Three Special Mentions in this list of Best driver clubs. They are Bat Wings, Earth, and Lava. Bat Wings comes with top and backspin combined with great power and accuracy.

As mentioned earlier it has a 50% reduction in Wind effects, which makes it a formidable club to use for long shots. Earth Club can be obtained at stage 8 and has sidespin and power as added benefits. This one is easy to obtain and does well on its own.

Lava is an alternative for Earth and Bat Wings. Until you find either of those two, this club will be worth keeping as it shares some similar traits with the other two.

There are also wolf clubs which used to be good to use in the earlier versions of the game. After the recent updates, it is better to save your currency for Legendary Clubs and invest in them for great results.

That would be all for this guide. Leave your thoughts and/or questions in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Golf Rival – Best Clubs Chart”

  1. I don’t understand when you say a club is available at a certain level.
    But they are available on the higher levels also, am I correct in saying this?
    For example “earth can be obtained at level 8”, if what I said is correct then perhaps it should read, “earth is obtained at level 8 and beyond”.

  2. I am on level 11 and have been camping out on 10 and 11, I`ve managed to aquire all legendsry clubs bar Unicorn, Scorpion and no Wolf or Raven. I`ve managed to do this without spending proper dosh, the downside to that is I sometimes inexplicably have shots and putts rhat go awry, the robot seems to intervene.


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