GTFO Terminal Commands and Guide

The terminal can be found in different areas. They are located around the map. You will save a lot of time and trouble if you know how the terminal works. It will be easier for you to navigate yourself and be less confused about what to do most of the time.

GTFO Terminal Commands and Guide⇓

There are several zones throughout the map. You will often find terminals located in the zones. Knowing how to use the terminal and how to operate them, can be useful. It will save you from a lot of trouble and confusion as for what to do most of the time.

Basic terminal commands in GTFO⇓

The most used basic terminal commands are given for GTFO, check them out:

  • LIST
  • PING

List is a lists of things. It will list the things that are spawned in a room/zone. Query is the command will give you more information on where certain things are. Ping is where you will hear a sort of ping sound so that you can find and locate the item.

The LIST terminal commands⇓

This terminal command lets you find an item that you’re looking for:


LIST ZONE_: This command will show all the items that are in the zone. For example: LIST ZONE_252. LIST ITEM_TYPE: This will show you every single name of the type of item that you put in , that matches it. For example: LIST CELL , LIST BATTERY , LIST KEY. LIST ITEM_TYPE ZONE_: This will show every matching item in that zone. For example : LIST CELL ZONE_252

The QUERY terminal commands⇓

When you are looking for an item, the QUERY command is useful. Storages, doors, and things such as HSU, generators, and objective items are possible. It will tell you how many uses there are left of items such as medkits or ammo packs. It’s helpful to know if it’s worthwhile to get the item.

Terminal Commands for OBJECTIVE ITEMS
There are GTFO’s terminal objective commands:
  • KEY
  • CELL
  • ID
  • PDEC
Terminal Commands for RECOURSES
Resources commands used in terminals for different reasons:
Terminal Commands for STORAGE
Storage commands used in terminals for different reasons:
  • BOX
Terminal Commands for DOORS
Doors commands used in terminals for different reasons:
  • DOOR
Terminal Commands for THE REST
Rest commands used in terminals for different reasons:
  • HSU
  • nFRAME
  • DPR
  • NCR

Reactor terminal commands⇓

Here are the reactor terminal commands for you to use in GTFO:


REACTOR_STARTUP will start the reactor and trigger an alarm which makes enemies spawn.
Within a REACTOR_STARTUP you will need to repeatedly input REACTOR_VERIFY followed by a 4 letter code.

UPLINK terminal commands⇓

To start an uplink you will need to input UPLINK_CONNECT followed by the code shown onscreen
in the format “__.__.__.__”.

Here are the uplink commands for GTFO:


After starting the uplink, you will need to do UPLINK_VERIFY commands to finish it, for an UPLINK_VERIFY there will be a code shown on the terminal, for example X06, this will correspond to a 4-letter long password shown After you find out which code is correct, you will need to input the code.

LOGS commands⇓

These are the GTFO Logs Terminal commands for you to use (Verification required):

  • LOGS – Used to find logs within terminals
  • READ – Used to open and read logs within terminals.

That is all we are sharing in this GTFO Terminal Commands Guide.

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