Guardian Tales Colosseum Guide

If you play Guardian Tales, then this unique PvP Mode in Colosseum will surely draw your attention. PvP (Player versus player) contains an AI auto-battle against an enemy defense team. The game tries to pair you with people around your number of awards. Now you may be wondering what are the award criteria for the matchups. They are

  • Battle medals, 2 per win, 1 per loss.

How Does the Colosseum Function?

The game will award you Free Gems at the end of each season. You will always start at Bronze-3. By season’s end, the game will automatically put you down by one rank. Say, If you were at Bronze2, you will be down by one rank, and your reset rank will become Bronze3.

Events, Titles, and Rewards in Guardian Tales

If there’s an event going on, you get 60 Event points. Win or loss does not matter since you’ll always receive the points regardless. Below are the Titles you can get in the game, the number of awards needed to get them, and the rewards you will receive on each completion. Check it out…

Title NameNumber of Awards RequiredRewards
Top1NA3,500 Diamonds
Top2NA3,200 Diamonds
Top3NA2,900 Diamonds
Top10NA2,700 Diamonds
Top100NA2,500 Diamonds
Diamond11,3002,300 Diamonds
Diamond21,1502,200 Diamonds
Diamond31,0002,100 Diamonds
Platinum19001,900 Diamonds
Platinum28001,800 Diamonds
Platinum37001,700 Diamonds
Gold16001,500 Diamonds
Gold25001,400 Diamonds
Gold34001,300 Diamonds
Silver13001,100 Diamonds
Silver22001,000 Diamonds
Silver3100900 Diamonds
Bronze150700 Diamonds
Bronze220600 Diamonds
Bronze30500 Diamonds

How To Use Colosseum

 Colosseum is about team composition/synergy and positioning. Damage Per Second and Toughness also matter when it comes down to PvP in this game, but your main focus should be on Strats. Colosseum is by far the easiest way to get a considerable amount of crystals per week. Even if you are starting off with the game, you can easily get nearly +900 per week in early Silver ranks. The Arena along with PowerCreep/bugs/strict opening hours will give you even more consistent crystals. Not to miss that they are a lot of fun to play

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