How To Acess Victoria 3 and Victoria 2 Soundtracks

Victoria 3 is the latest addition to all the fans of Grand Strategy games all over the world. In this game, you get to build an Empire by yourself which contains different methods of management.

Increase GDP, Bureaucracy, Economy, and the overall efficiency of your Empire and expand on your already massive territory and land in the new Victoria 3.

The game also features some really nice Sound Tracks that the players can listen to while they play it. The game also offers you the right to listen to the OST outside of the game as well.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can access all the Official Soundtracks for Victoria 3 and Victoria 2 remastered from your PC Storage.

Victoria 3 Soundtrack locations

How To Acess Victoria 3 and Victoria 2 Sound Tracks

With the release of Victoria 3, you have been listening to the soundtracks of Victoria 3 and Victoria 2 Remastered in-game. These are indeed quite pleasing, and you can add them to your regular offline playlist as well.

You may be excited to learn that you can access the soundtracks of Victoria 3 and Victoria 2 (if you pre-ordered) in the game files to listen to as you like outside the game! You can find the files by following the paths below:

Victoria 3 Soundtrack Location


Victoria 2 Remastered Soundtrack Location

\game\dlc\dlc001_preorder\Victoria 2 Remastered Soundtrack

This is a pre-order bonus content that the game owners can unlock offline also so make sure you have the pre-orders in before you go looking for the tracks in your storage.

if you have found them, let me know how you are enjoying them as well. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with more such guides!

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