How To Change State in the State of Survival

There are necessities that you should meet to enroll in another state or alternate state or switch state in the States of Survival game. The first requirement is the player should have a rookie relocator item. And, the 2d requirement is the player should now no longer exceed an extra five days in a state from the beginning of the game. To use the rookie relocator item, your HQ stage must be 6 or less. If you have an old account or HQ exceeding stage 6, you may now no longer be capable of changing the state. Let’s analyze the whole thing in detail

How To Get Rookie Relocator?

Only new accounts get rookie relocator. After finishing the preliminary prologue quests, you may get hold of a mail. In the mailbox, there should be the rookie relocator item. In case you create a brand new character, you may now no longer get the rookie relocator item. You could manually select the state earlier than making a brand new character. But whilst you begin the game with a brand new account, the game chooses the state for you.

How To Change State in the Game?

How To Change State in the State of Survival

To switch the state, check these easy steps:

  1. Upgrade the HQ to stage 2 and finish the prologue quests. This will provide you with the rookie relocator item as a reward. ONLY NEW ACCOUNTS GET ROOKIE RELOCATOR. IF YOU CREATE A NEW CHARACTER, YOU WILL NOT GET THIS ITEM.
  2. Collect the rookie collector item from the mail. All the gamers get this item as a reward as they beginplaying the game. In the bottom corner, you need topress the mail option and in thesystem tab, look for the rookie relocator item.
  3. Go to the wilderness by tapping the button in the bottom-left corner. You will want to repair the intel construction first. On the bottom-right side of the wilderness screen, tap the map button. This will take you to the state map. On the state map screen, tap the globe button, which is at the bottom-right corner. This will take you to the world map.
  4. On the world map, select a state which you need to sign up for or transfer from the current state or to alternate the state. After selecting the state, you’ll be navigated to the capital of the state. Tap the map choice at the bottom-right facet to interchange to that state’s map.
  5. On the chosen state’s map, tap at the location where you need to transport or relocate or construct a base. This will zoom in to that location. Tap once again -> join state -> you have to be new (much less than five days in the game). And, you have to have a rookie relocator item. You might now no longer be capable of changing the state in the State of Survival after you exceed the five days in the current state.

How To Manage States in the State of Survival?

In every state, the survivor can create characters. Tap the leader/chief avatar withinside the upper-left -> visit settings -> character management -> there you may create a brand new character in the current state or after making 2 characters, you get the choice to pick a state manually where you could create a brand new character. You can also head to the settings -> account -> from there you may bind the account to Facebook, VK, Game Center, Apple or transfer to a brand new account. Linking with one social media account is enough. You can’t delete a character once it’s created.

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