How To Do Emotes in Roblox Da Hood PC

Roblox Da Hood is a pretty interesting game where you can do a variety of things to make your time in it interesting. Be it interacting with the world or with others players, a lot of gestures are quite interesting in the game.

You also need to know that you can do Emotes and Dances to indicate other players of your intentions and emotions. If you do not know how to do that, we have just the guide for you that will show you how to do emotes in Da Hood PC.

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How To Emote in Roblox Da Hood PC

Before even getting to the main point of the matter, let me first clear out that Emotes need to be unlocked in the game first using Robux. As you all know, Robux being a currency of Roblox, can only be purchased via real money.

Hence to unlock Emotes, you need to spend some real money and get it first. The usage parts comes quite later. Now having that out of the way, let us see where to find the Emotes? To find them do the following:

  • Load Up Da Hood
  • Tap Green Plus Button at the bottom-right of screen
  • Purchase Animation Pack+ using 100 Robux
How To Do Emotes in Roblox Da Hood PC

Once this is done, you should see a new window open up on the side of the screen. Here you will find all your purchased emotes that you can use in Da Hood by simply tapping on them.

You can do a variety of actions using these which also includes dancing. So this is also how you can unlock and use Dancing as an Emote in Da Hood PC.

Also instead of tapping you can open the same menu on your PC and click on it to perform an emote!

I hope this small guide has helped you in getting an insight in to Da Hood PC and knowing how to Dance and Emote in the game. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I will see you soon with more of such guides!

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