How to fix no sound and crackling sound in Saints Row

Fix no Sound or Audio Stutter or Crackling Sound – The original Saints Row game was published by Deep Silver Volition. The city of Santo Ileso is a fictional place. The city has a lot of criminal activity and you will be part of a group of friends who start with a criminal venture and take control of the city. The Saints will commit all the crimes in the city if this story is true.

Saints Row Reboot turns out to be buggy during the launch date, just like most other games. Sometimes we have no sound at all and sometimes we get to hear a crackling sound in the game audio, which is a weird audio bug.

The developers should be quick to fix this specific issue with a patch release because it’s a very frustrating issue for most of the gaming community.

Sound plays a huge role in games and gives you the best experience regardless of what game you play. The enjoyment of the game is affected by the crackling sound issue and no sound audio bugs.

How to fix no sound and crackling sound in Saints Row

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Fix Crackling Sound or Audio Stutter Issue

To fix Crackling Sound, you need to close the game and go to the audio settings.

  • Select the device that you are using.
  • I used the speakers earlier when I was having an audio stutter.
  • I changed the audio settings to make the headphones the default device.
  • The issue should be solved when the game restarts.

Fix No Sound Audio Bug

If you can’t hear anything when you play Saints Row, then first close the game, and then click on the sound icon to open up the settings. Under the Sound tab is where you will find the default Output device.

  • Select Default Output Device
  • Close the window
  • Launch Saints Row again and it should be fixed now!

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have the same bug of switching sound output when a new device is detected, so disabling the rest of the Audio sources is important. The Spatial Sound and Windows Sonic are buggy and not recommended to be used because they are still under Microsoft’s testing stage. You will be able to hear the in-game sounds when you restart the game after you have made the settings.

I personally use a Razer Blackshark V2 which also has a provision for a 3.5mm jack. After I used the above method, most of the audio issues regarding Saints Row PC were gone.

If you face any issues during or after the fixes, let me know in the comments below. That would be all from this guide, and thanks for reading!

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