How To Get Free Gold, Card, and Gift in Marvel SNAP

If you are a fan of turn-based games in general or just want to casually play a game like that, Marvel SNAP will surely catch your eye.

The game has been released quite recently and is making quite the buzz in the android gaming world. Much has to do with the name itself that says “Marvel” which of course means you get the entire cast of Marvel Universe here.

This is a Card Game based on turns, and the animation and dialogue lines are quite engaging. The game is also quite easy to grasp once you pay attention. if you are a new player, you might be wondering how to get some freebies like Gold, New Card, and a Gift in the game.

Well, I will help you get them and also share with you some more free gifts that you can get if you stick around with Marvel SNAP.

How To Get Free Gold, Card, and Gift in Marvel SNAP

The first thing to notice when you log in first is the tutorials. Simply complete them one by one, until you get to the home screen for the game. You will have the following tabs to access after that:

  • Shop
  • Collection
  • Main
  • Season Pass
  • News

Click on SNAP News. Now you should see 3 tabs above. All you need to do is pick the first tab that says “Inbox”.

This is the place where you can claim your free rewards for the time being. They are:

  • 50 Gold
  • Hulk Variant Card
  • Hawkeye Card and Logo

The Gold is a Launch reward that will expire for me in 1day. The Hulk Variant goes away after 3 weeks and the Hawkeye Card goes away after a week. Keep these in mind and claim your rewards at the earliest!

I am sure that as you stick around with the game and log in daily, the developers will give you more gifts as they have mentioned in their press release.

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Thanks for reading!

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