How To Use Wind Chart in Golf Rival

 In this guide for Golf Rival, we will be showing you how to use wind charts in the game. Golf rival is one of the most popular golf experiences on mobile right now, credited to its casual yet competitive nature. The game mechanism which also includes the wind system makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. Knowing the correct angles of Wind and the directions you need to hit can make or break a competitive game of Golf Rivals. Hence, let’s check out this guide on how to use a wind chart for Golf Rivals.

Wind Chart Usage Guide for Golf Rival

If you are playing Golf Rivals for some time now, you may have noticed that Wind speed determines which direction your ball will go. If you have not seen that yet, expect a Wind System Influence from Level 2 onwards in-game.

The game shows you a tutorial that contains information on how you can read the in-game notification and how to compensate for wind in the game. The tutorial is very brief and casual players may miss it on the first go if they do not pay attention. Also, the tutorial does not tell you everything you need to know. Hence, we’ll explain the wind mechanic here with the help of this post. Before proceeding check this image on the Wind System Below. Consider this as a Chart of sorts:

credits: Golf Rival Official | taken in-game

The above chart will make you understand the basics of the wind system from its roots. This basically determines the impact of wind strength on your golf ball. At the start of your turn, you can view the wind’s current strength and direction. The wind will change every turn, so make sure that you pay attention to it when it changes. This is important to take note of since this will heavily determine the direction in which the golf ball can go.

What you need to do here is start charging your shot. You will notice that a circle around your trajectory appears that shows you a big arrow pointing in the same direction the wind is blowing in. Refer to the Wind Chart to see how much you need to adjust the circle. Here is the Wind Chart you need to Refer to:

credits: Golf Rival Official | taken in-game

Your main aim here is to try to get the hole to be where the star is in this chart. Consider the direction of the wind, then use the bars on the arrow to see approximately where the wind’s power will influence the golf ball to go. If you figure this out correctly, I do not think you should have trouble hitting the ball in the right direction. Of course, this will take a lot of practice to perfect, but this is worth the time to do this as soon as you can.

White Ring Guide for Golf Rival

Without the wind effect, your land point should be at the center white dot. Suppose there is a 6-level vertical upward wind as the arrow showing in the white circle (Every 3 levels of wind, the landing point will be one ring FARTHER from the center), then a 6-level vertical upward wind means your land point will be moved to the second ring.

Suppose there is an 8.2-level rightward wind as the arrow showing in the following pic (Every 3 levels of wind, the landing point will be one ring FARTHER from the center), then an 8.2-level rightward wind means your land point will be moved to around the white point place. Here is the image example for this:

This occurs on higher levels of Golf Rivals so you would not typically encounter this early on. But when you do, this information can help you in clearing them.

That is all I had to put up in this guide for Wind Chart Use in Gold Rivals. Thanks for reading and leave your questions/suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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