Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners (May 2022)

Your KonoSuba Fantastic Days Banners Schedule provides an updated list of featured banners and recruitment details for new limited-time characters.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners (May 2022)⇓

Each month a new gacha / recruitment banner is updated with featured units. These can include new units (called “chapters”) that are unlocked by achieving certain goals or conditions.

Check out this info about Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners Schedule. It’s a quick read and will give you the low-down on what this banner is all about.

When you get into the game, the first thing you need to do is to check out the tier list and reroll guide for the current Fantastic Days promotion. This will ensure you make the most of your entries and maximize your chances of a big win.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners (May 2022)⇓

  • Winter Banner
  • Hot Spring Banner
  • Halloween Banner
  • Bunnies Banner
  • Exciting Swimsuit Adventure
  • Summer Banner 2
  • Summer Banner
  • Premium Banner
  • Others
  • Release Celebration

Hot Spring Banner

This banner features AQUA Hot Spring Heaven, Darkness Hot Water, and Kazuma Don’t Mind Me.

Halloween Banner

This banner features AQUA Pumpkin Cuisine, Yunyun Friendly Halloween, and Iris Mischievous Princess.

Bunnies Banner(Live) 

This banner features Cecily Cottontail Cleric, Mitsurugi Dreamy Dealer.

Exciting Swimsuit Adventure

This banner features Megumin Beachgoer 3 Star, Aqua Sparkling Seas 4 Star, and Wiz Water Blast 4 Star.

Summer Banner 2

The summer banner features Darkness(True Knight) and YunYun(Beachcomber) characters.

Summer Banner 

The summer banner features Melissa(Elegance) and Rin(Sun-Soaked) characters.

Melissa(Elegance) is a 4-star unit that uses a Dagger weapon. Her super skill Midnight Edge causes normal PHY DMG to a single enemy and a significant reduction to their PHY DEF. Blade Edge is another skill that Melissa Elegenace possesses; this skill causes fire PHY DMG to x1 enemy and also reduces the enemy’s PHY ATK. She also possesses AoE PHY DMG skills with a self PHY ATK boost.

Rin(Sun-Soaked) is another 4-star unit that uses a Staff weapon. Her super skill causes wind magic DMG to all foes. Fireball skill causes fire magic DMG to 1 enemy and also reduces the magic defense. Another fireball skill does the same thing, except boost your own magic ATK.

Release Celebration

Megumin Explosive causes magic DMG; AoE and single. Kazuma Shut-In No More cause Water PHY DMG to all foes, Water magic DMG to X1 enemy.

Premium Banner

The Premium banner features Aqua(Nature’s Beauty) and Darkness(Total Ecstasy).

Aqua Nature’s beauty does DMg as well support allies by recovering their HP and boosting their PHY ATK. Darkness Total Ecstasy draws the enemy’s ATK with chances to moderate recovery + does AoE PHY DMG and boosts PHY DEF for all allies.

That is all we had in this guide for Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners for November 2021. Thanks for reading!

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