Lord of Heroes Guide: Tips, How To, and Strategies

In this guide, I will be going over the basic tips, How Tos and Strategies you need to get started with Lord of Heroes. hopefully, by the end of this guide, your basics about the game will be strong and you can then build a decent foundation of the game. check it out!

Beginner Tips, How To, and Strategy Guide for Lord of Heroes


Each character has a unique element that influences how it will perform against certain enemy elements. A character will deal more damage to an element it is strong against. Similarly, it will receive less damage from that same element. This is crucial to note to use in active combat.


Skills are different from normal attacks in Lord of Heroes. That is because it has a certain cooldown after use, and are powerful attacks that can be used to deal massive to decent damage to enemies. Select a skill from the bottom right of the screen > Then select a target to deal damage to it. That is how the skillsets work in this game.

Burst Skill: This is the Hero’s most powerful move/skill and deals the most damage in the game. It usually also has the highest cooldown given the damage it deals. This is usually slotted in the third slot of the hero’s skills. This is also located at the bottom-right of the screen. The perfect example of this would be the Exellion Barrage, the Planetarium, and more such cool moves.

All heroes have their unique burst skills and knowing/learning all of it is the key to progressing quickly. Using it at the correct moment is also something you should consider in your gameplay. This makes clearing stages much easier.

Chain Burst

A modified version of the Burst moves is what Chain Burst is. This is used as an AOE move in this turn-based game. In this feature, multiple heroes can use their burst move at the same time. As you keep on adding Burst moves to the chain, it takes up more spirits to use. But it is totally worth it since it can turn a losing battle into a winning one IF used correctly.


You can obtain certain powerup bars called ‘Spirits’. This happens when you use skills/attacks against enemies or you are attacked by the enemy and you need to defend in that turn.


This is a unique turn-based strategy used in the game. Even when it is not the turn of a hero, he/she can actively participate in the battle using the Assist feature. This is more likely to trigger when the HP of an enemy is high, and you indeed need assistance to take it down!

An Introduction To Charlotte [First Recruit]

An Introduction To Charlotte [First Recruit]

Your first recruited hero will most like be Charlotte. She is categorized as Telluric Spiritmaster. With her recruitment rating of 3 stars and with cool moves to aid you in battle, she is the perfect first initiation any Lord of Heroes player can get. She has Basic, Active, and Burst moves along with two passives which is quite the plethora of moves when it comes to a free automatic recruit from the game.

I personally use this hero to give my other heroes a large defensive buff. This helps me protect them from large damage coming from enemies. She is a great support character with good healing and buff capabilities. Try to use her as it is intended and you should have a good time in the game.

Turn Order

Each character/hero comes with a gauge that fills proportionately with time and speed. Since the game is turn-based, a hero gets his/her share of turns when this gauge is full.

How To Equip Items and Weapons

First, select the hero customization tab located at the bottom left of the screen. Then pick the desired hero > Now select the item/weapon you want that character to equip > you can do a manual equip or use auto equip to do the task for you.

How To Level Up Weapons and Heroes

When you select the weapon to equip, you have the choice to upgrade it to the highest possible level. Click on Upgrade as per your likings and that should do it. To Upgrade heroes, select the hero first as mentioned above, then select their start screen where their power levels show up, now click on auto-select and click on upgrade to upgrade the level of your heroes as well.

How To Use Auto-Battle

You can use the auto-battle feature to let the game AI play it out for you. This feature will not require a particular set of turns to initiate. Heroes can randomly attack whenever it is set. You can get involved in the battle any time and designate a target to the hero to attack.

That is all from this guide of Lord of Heroes. Do not forget to mention your doubts and suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for dropping by and I will see you soon with a brand new one!

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