Lord of Heroes Tier List (April 2023)

In Lord of Heroes, the players take on the role of a monarch who revolutionizes a fallen world. The character design for the game presents unique styles and personalities rather than only the overall aesthetics. Talking about the gameplay aspect, players can progress in the game without investing too much of their time in the game chasing different things. These are some of the features I liked about this game.

Now when it comes down to the heroes in the game, here is where they excel. Certain heroes are unique while others have different elements of their forms. This makes the Tier List I am about to show you very unique. Take note of the ranking and some brief ideas behind the rankings. Let’s check it out.

Global Tier List for Lord of Heroes April 2023

Lord of Heroes Global Tier List for April 2023

First of all, Here is the Tier List for those who wish to view the actual list before diving into the reasoning behind the rankings:

Lord of Heroes Global Tier List for 2021
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The Tier List classification and Criteria are as follows:

  • SS Tier(#1 Tier) – Best Performance
  • S Tier(#2 Tier) – Good tier rating
  • A Tier(#3 Tier) – Average to good performance
  • B Tier(#4 Tier) – Bad to average performance

SS Tier

As I mentioned earlier, this tier is equivalent to the top-performing characters in the game. Usually in this tier, The characters perform more than just one purpose. For example, if Aslan has offensive tools, on the other hand, he can also provide massive buffs to his teammates to take down big bosses!

  • Aslan [Earth]
  • Vanessa [Water]
  • Lumie [Water]
  • Lairei [Fire]
  • Krom [Water]
  • Krom [Fire]
  • Alev [Fire]
  • Alev [Water]
  • Nine [Earth]

S Tier

This is the tier where the buffs and damages are slightly lower than the SS tier. But make no mistake, in the hands of a veteran, these heroes can wreak havoc. As an example, Water Schneider has good all-around abilities that consist of multiple skill usages, and decent damage to enemies.

  • Schneider [Water]
  • Vanessa [Light]
  • Vanessa [Fire]
  • Charlotte [Earth]
  • Lucilicca [Earth]
  • Dhurahan [Dark]
  • Mei Ling [Light]
  • Mei Ling [Earth]
  • Rosanna [Fire]
  • Astrid [Fire]
  • Helga [Water]
  • Walther [Earth]
  • Joshua [Water]
  • Nine [Water]
  • Lairei [Earth]
  • Fram [Water]
  • Olivia [Earth]

A Tier

The heroes in A Tier ranking are well-to-do on their own terms. However, when it comes to synergies, they fail for most parts to meet the requirements. Hence their performance can be rated from good to average in overall gameplay.

  • Mikhail [Dark]
  • Olivia [Light]
  • Laphlaes [Earth]
  • Schneider [Fire]
  • Lumie [Earth]
  • Olivia [Water]
  • Astrid [Earth]
  • Johan [Light]
  • Mikhail [Dark]
  • Olivia [Light]
  • Laphlaes [Earth]
  • Schneider [Fire]
  • Lumie [Earth]
  • Olivia [Water]
  • Astrid [Earth]
  • Johan [Light]

B Tier

In this tier, only seasoned players are able to make them work in their favor. If you are starting off, avoid these at all times to face some underperforming battles with enemies. If you want to enjoy their moves and skills, that is a completely different story since they are fine to watch and play with. But when it comes down to sheer performance aspects, these tend to do the worst amongst all.

  • Zaira [Fire]
  • Schneider [Earth]
  • Dhurahan [Earth]
  • Charlotte [Water]
  • Lucilicca [Water]
  • Helga [Fire]
  • Nine [Dark]
  • Joshua [Fire]
  • Dhurahan [Fire]
  • Mei Ling [Fire]
  • Astrid [Water]
  • Laphlaes [Fire]
  • Helga [Dark]

This particular Tier List is subject to change and can be updated with future patches and updates of the game. Bookmark this page and make sure to check with time and game updates to get the latest tier list for Lord of Heroes. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with a new one!

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