Material for Immortality MIR4 – Finding Elixir Plant Guide

MIR4 is a classic Asian MMORPG where you choose a class of your preference and complete tasks. There is a lot you can do in this game. One of the things that the game asks you to do here contains interesting quests that will give you a tough time. One of those quests in Material for Immortality asks you to Finding Elixir Plant.

Elixir Plant Location in Material for Immortality MIR4

Elixir Quest Location

You can easily acquire this by walking through the vastness of the Ginkgo Valley. You need to find Jong Lichen. He will tell you about the wife of the Qingcheng Sect Master that she is very sick and no medicine can help her. And since Qingcheng Sect Master is a devoted husband, Jong Lichen will invite to earn the goodwill of the Qingcheng Sect. He knows where the good serum is for the treatment of his wife, but he cannot get it so it is on top. This is where you would come in and help him in the quest to find the Elixir Plant.

  • The Elixir Plant is located on the territory of the Ginkgo Valley. It requires a PS of 7 897.
  • As a reward, you will receive 6 820 copper and 2 040 experience.

How to Find the Elixir Plant

Well, in order to find/locate the Elixir, search the Valley carefully and find the pointer near the Giant Rock Friend. Then your character will offer to climb the Giant Rock Friend and find the Elixir Plant from above. The climb should be automated so you only need to worry about locating this rock structure in the first place.

I would recommend that you do not start to fight with him, otherwise, when you try to climb on it, he will drop you. If you did everything right and calmly jumped on the Friend, there should be a small rock nearby where the Elixir Plant will be located. Wait for your “transport” to come as close as possible and jump onto the rock. And that is how you should complete the task of finding the Elixir Plant in the game.

That is all I had to share in this post of MIR4. Kindly leave your comments if you have any doubts about the guide.

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