Minecraft | How To Summon Giant Zombie [Command]

Zombie giants in Minecraft are mini-bosses that were terminated from the game sometime back. You’ll summon huge flesh-eaters using the chat command in creative mode. The giants are well protected and do tons of destruction. Players can use them for various challenges, or just to have fun with friends and other players. Using a special command, you can enjoy this game that much more, which we will show in this guide, so let’s check it out.

What is a Zombie Giant in Minecraft

In the early version of Minecraft, after spawning, the zombie chased players, and now they just stand and do nothing. The mod was changed due to the fact that it does a lot of damage to players. Also, it has 50 hearts worth of health. And at maximum difficulty, it was dealing 37.5 hearts damage. The other features include the following:

  • The giant is 11 blocks tall and its model is 12. This is six times the height of a zombie.
  • At the moment, the giants do not have AI. Because of this, they will always face south when summoned, without turning their heads, not wandering, not chasing the player. However, they can be moved if hit.
  • Their face direction can be changed with the command.
  • Giants exist in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions too but they require third-party modifications to move their spawn egg to the player’s inventory.
  • There are no giants at bedrock edition.
  • If they sit in a trolley, they hang in the air
  • Minecraft developer said they will not delete him from the game due to its popularity among the community and the amount of fun people have playing with the zombie.

How to Spawn Giant Zombie in Minecraft [Commands]

To summon this unit, you would require a simple line of command. You can also summon a Giant Zombie using Weapons, Armors, and NBT Tags. Here is the line used:

  • / summon ~~~ Minecraft: zombie_giant 


  • / summon ~~~ zombie_giant

Doing this simple line of command in the console should be enough to summon it.

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