MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Update 3.9 Contents

Event Quest is coming to the game in the next big update! Check out what the dev team has been working on this week, and how you can get ready for the release.

New Event Quests Spotlight

USJ Collab – Two New Quests

Complete these quests to earn materials that will allow you to forge special armor and weapons for your Hunter, Palicoes, and Palamutes!

Yes, that includes layered versions of the armor!

USJ – Shrine Showdown!

Take on a triple threat of monsters in this High-Rank quest to craft the Azure Star Blade I (Longsword), Azure Era Wyrmbow (Bow), and Azure Age armor (and layered armor) set for your Hunter.

Rise above the combined might of these monsters and claim your prize!

USJ – Arzuros Onslaught!

Protect Kamura Village from an onslaught of Arzuros in this High-Rank Rampage quest to kit out your Palico and Palamute with some special weapons and armor (including layered).

Equally fashionable and fierce hunting buddies!

As highlighted above, both of the above quests fall into the High-Rank Event Quests category, giving you fun and skillful confrontations that are full of useful items and monster parts.

Layered Armour

For some Hunters, a fashion game is an endgame! If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to look out for these striking Event Quests!

A Good Old-Fashioned Rampage

As the name suggests, this quest is a Rampage! If you can successfully hold the line and defend the final gate you’ll be awarded the materials required to forge a rather special layered armor, the “Origin” set.

This look is directly inspired by a set from the original Monster Hunter, a true classic!

Frost Bites

Complete this quest to give yourself a cool new Winter look with the “Orion” layered armor.

What stands between you and this set? Well, you’ll have to best the ice-cold combo of Barioth, Goss Harag, and Lagombi – watch out for that Iceblight!

Pose & Stickers

Wrestling with Pain

Take a seat, master Hunter, with the “Sitting Pose Set” that you’ll earn after taking down an Arzuros and a Tetranadon in this hunt!

This pose set contains a number of different ways to sit, letting you pose comfortably with your favorite villagers in Kamura, or even get comfy when you’re out on the hunt – a great set to unlock for Hunters who enjoy a bit of Cohort photography!

Princesses’ Banquet

You’ve been cordially invited to the Princesses’ Banquet! Survive the main course and you’ll unlock the sweet “Chocolate Set” of stickers to use in multiplayer!

What stands between you and this tasty treat? A truly fearsome trio consisting of Rathian, Rakna-Kadaki, and Somnacanth! Fear not though, you’ve got this covered!

Advanced Quest & Apex Emergency

Those of you that have already tried the existing Apex Emergency and Advanced quests will know that these are not for the faint of heart. They’ll push your hunting skills to new limits as everything you’ve learned so far is put to the test. Monsters in these quests hit much harder, have more health, increase resistance, and are unrelenting in their aggression.

We’ve picked two particularly fearsome hunts from the batch that will drop as part of version 3.9 to help prepare you for the battles ahead!

Advanced: Crimson Calamity

Take on a powered-up Crimson Glow Valstrax in Infernal Springs! How will you handle this monster’s signature “Ambush” attack in a limited space? There’s only one way to find out…

Apex Diablos Emergency

Be on your guard with this quest, or it’ll end in a bloodbath!

The Apex Emergency Diablos is far stronger and larger than its other kin you’ve encountered so far in Monster Hunter Rise. Be ready for a dance with destruction if you step into this quest. You’ll need to be on your toes throughout! It’ll probably be a good idea to bring strong ice weapons too…

Besting these quests will provide you with monster parts, armor spheres, Silver / Golden eggs, and even generous amounts of Defender Ticket 9! Oh and an immense feeling of satisfaction having successfully demonstrated the depth of your hunting prowess!

These quests are hard though, so don’t feel bad if you faint! Every cart is a lesson learned!

Sunbreak Director Suzuki Update

Happy Valentine’s Day from the #Sunbreak dev team! 💝

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