Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Quick Money Making Guide

This is a guide on Motor Town: Behind The Wheel, where we will see how we can make some quick money in the game. There are some methods shared in this guide. You can also share yours in the comments below.

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Money Making Guide

There are two main ways to make quick bucks in this game. Here they are:


Tip 1 – If you’re new to the game, buy the pickup truck at the dealership for 10k, if you’re new to the game, borrow the pickup truck from one of the warehouse lots. You will have to be a certain level and pay a small fee every 10 minutes to rent a flatbed/box truck fromGU-JWA.

If you’ve been playing for a while, you can probably afford the flatbed truck or the box truck for around 100k, and upgrade the engine/radiator on it to reduce the time it takes to go up the mountain.

Tip 2 – Load up the toy pallets for the 1100 rest area with whatever vehicle you decided to use, and then go to the toy factory to pick up your toys.

Tip 3 – The journey up the mountain is not very exciting. Sometimes I will afk and turn on autopilot because it can get annoying going around turns.

Tip 4 – If you’re lucky, you might get a delivery from the 1100 rest area back to you if you take some delivery’s with you that are on the same side of the mountain.

Making money using Bus

Tip 1- If you want to get the biggest bus you have unlocked, go to the bus depot in GANG-JUNG and take it.

Tip 2 – For step 2, you should use the high school route for the optimal results.

Tip 3 – If you have a decent amount of passengers and the bus is full, the high school stop will pay between 2 and 4k.

Tip 4 – If you don’t want to pay for gas, you can rejoin the single player.

Renting Guide

I don’t think you need to share your profits with the owner of the vehicle. Don’t go back to the place that you took the job in. If you do a delivery at the drop off point, always take it! Don’t go back to the place you took the 1800 delivery job.

If you want to head back that way, take a job that ends in that area. If you want to make money, take the point B delivery quest back to the point A area, where you can make more money.

This makes sense if this is what it is. I immediately start a new delivery at my last job’s drop off point when I dropped off my load. If I wanted to get to a area, I would just take a job that the drop off is near or in the area that I want.

About Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

Realistic Tire Physics

It’s possible to enjoy realistic and challenging driving with tire physics. Feel the tire grip and burn some tires. Don’t forget to use ‘Burnout’ if you want to let the rear go sideways. It’s possible to use Driving Assist for keyboard players.

Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode

Enjoy solitude in single-player or have fun with friends in multiplayer mode.


You can compete with AI or Other players at the Onroad and offroad tracks.


The online leader board shows you how fast you are. Autocross is a good way to improve your driving skills.

Key Features

  • Driving with Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Steering wheel
  • Realistic, yet easy (with the assist feature) driving
  • Single-player and Multiplayer Mode
  • Open world (8 x 8 Km) with Day & Night cycle
  • Passenger Transportation (Hitchhikers, Taxi, Bus)
  • Cargo Transportation (Pickup, Trucks, Semi-Trailer)
  • Special vehicles (Police, Tow Truck, Ambulance and more will be added)
  • Refueling
  • Replacing car parts
  • Buying/Renting cars
  • Blinker, Headlight, Horn, Driving Mode, and Auto-Pilot!
  • Race
  • Time attack
  • Autocross
  • Online leaderboards

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