Myth of Empires – Common Bugs and Fixes

Since Myth of Empires is early-access, you can encounter several bugs and maybe looking for their fixes. In this guide, I will be showing you some common bugs for the game, and some possible solutions to them as well.

You can also report them directly to the developers. Since this is early game development, help the devs out as much as you can to get the perfect finished product for Myth of empires.

Common Bugs and Their Fixes for Myth of Empires

1. Screen stuttering and FPS drop.

Solution: Please quit your translation software since the screen word capturing function of this software might conflict with the hotkeys of the game.

2. Abnormal FPS.

Solution: Please close the desktop management software such as fences cause this kind of software will cause the malfunction of the game.

3. Forced termination when playing the game


  • Update your windows system.
  • Update your display card’s software.
  • Fix your DirectX software.
  • You may have to reinstall your system if all of the above solutions failed.

4.BattleEye related issue when launching the game.

Delete the version.dll file on your computer. Otherwise, you can try to reinstall the latest version of Steam.

BattleEye will block some software and the message above can be ignored cause generally, it won’t affect the normal function of the game. Otherwise, you can try to uninstall the related software.

Go to Tencent PC Manager – Tools – Computer Clinic – Software Problem. Click Fix DLL Files. Otherwise, you can uninstall Tencent PC Manager and restart the game again.

  •  Update your windows system.
  • Fix your related files.
  • You may have to reinstall your system if all of the above solutions failed.

5. can’t see the server list in-game.

Solution: Please close your VPN and restart the game again. If you didn’t open VPN then please try using the network accelerator and restarting the game.

6. can’t start the game after setting the game image quality.

Solution: Delete the setting folder of the game client in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Moe\Saved\Config

How To Report to Developers

If you issues are not listed above, you can directly contact the developers. leave your feedback and game-related issues on their bug report channel here; or join the Myth of Empires Discord server: The Dev team has mentioned that they will help you as soon as they can.

Here are some other useful links to follow and contact them:

  • Discord: Myth of Empires
  • Twitter: @MythOfEmpires
  • YouTube: Myth of Empires
  • Instagram: mythofempires
  • Facebook: Myth of Empires

That is all we are sharing in this guide. Leave your comments below if you have any queries.

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