New Skins in Fortnite – X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit once used their powers against the evil forces led by Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau for a path of redemption when they joined X-men in the early days. But the couple is returning to continue fighting for the good in Fortnite!

One of the most popular power couples from X-Men are the Rogue and Gambit. And yes both of them are joining Fortnite with their very own skins. The new character outfits are a part of the Rogue and Gambit Outfit set that is available in the item shop. You will also find new accessories that is based on both Rogue and Gambit.

The new Rogue accessories include the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Back Bling, A holo X-Axe, a Hands off Emote and a glider known as the Blackbird. The Gambit accessories on the other hands consists of exclusive Kinetic Cards Back Bling, a Gambit’s Bow which also works as a pickaxe in the game, a glider known as the Suit surfer and the Deal ’em out emote.

Here is sneak peak of what the X-men’s Rogue and Gambit sets would look like

gambit rogue set in fortnite

All of the outfits and the accessories will come under their all new Rogue and Gambit bundle. The bundle also includes a valentine theme Rogue and Gambit loading screen. The outfits can be purchased separately as well and each outfit comes with its own character’s bling.

These power couples are mutant superheroes from the Marvel Comics Universe. Both of these characters caught the fan’s attention is when they did the 90s X-men Animated Series. The X-men cartoon back in the 90s was loved by all and it was so influential at that time that this show will be returning soon as a Disney+ Series known as the X-men ’97 featuring both Rogue and Gambit returning with their full team of mutants.

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