New World | Musket/Hatchet/Life Staff Guide

Explore an open-world MMO with the new and exciting game called New World. Here you’ll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum. Build synergies, items, leveling up, and skills are an integral part of this game.

In this guide, we aim to achieve some of these aspects of the game in terms of guides. It will cover the Musket/Hatchet/Life Staff in the game. These are further covered by Synergies, Slotting, attributes, perks, and resources. Make sure you follow this thorough guide carefully to have a better idea.

Musket/Hatchet/Life Staff Build Guide for New World

First, we prefer a hatchet followed by life staff as secondary (for Speed of Light movement and heals) and a musket as tertiary. That is because you will be able to optimize ammo costs/crafting/collecting to its fullest.


Increase Self Movement: Berserking 20% Speed for 18s+, Speed of Light 40m/(the 20s- CD), Transcendence 50% speed while aiming life staff, and -20% slow duration.

Decrease Target Movement: Leg Shot -30% for 2s, Traps (x2 for 30s) immobilizes 5s/(25s- CD), and Super Siphon /(5s- CD) reduces movement.

Cooldown Reduction: Berserking Refresh all CD except Berserk /(45s- CD) by 10%/hit received while Berserking, Desperate Refresh -20% all CD when health<40%, Refreshing Headshot throwing axe -20% all CD, Refresh when using Life Staff -10% CDs, and Play Dead /(60s- CD) Resets all cooldowns.

Death Prevention: Immortal while Berserking 18s+/(45s- CD), Resuscitate revives self /15min, Play Dead /(the 60s- CD) dump aggro for PvE and disable nameplate for PvP and Ancient Guardian invulnerability for 10s when health<20%/15min (option 2 ONLY).

Damage Reduction: Damage Resist -10%, Super Siphon /(5s- CD) -30% for group member (option 1 ONLY), and Holy Shield /(25s- CD) protects group from projectiles in AoE shield for 15s (Option 2 ONLY).

Healing: Purged Recovery 15%/debuff/(the 20s- CD), Rejuvenating Kills/20%, Soul steal regenerates/kill, Divine Embrace /(8s- CD) with Light’s Grace +50% powerful ranged small AoE heal, Celestial (heavy) Projectiles heal friends, Arcane Justice when hit 4m/2min

Mana+Heal: Siphon /(5s- CD) mana with Life Stealer regenerate health & powerful heal one friend (option 1 ONLY).

Buff: Spirits United mana regen for the group in 10m by 25%.

Utility: Purge /(the 20s- CD) remove debuffs with 5s immunity, Mass Resurrection upon reviving within 15m/15min.


Build 1 – Siphon
Per SLOT “Q/R/F” Groupings: (Hatchet, Life Staff, Musket)
Slot Group: Berserk (45s), Siphon (5s), Shooter’s Stance (25s)
Slot Group: Purge (the 20s), Speed of Light (20s), Traps (25s)
Slot Group: Aimed Throw (7s), Divine Embrace (8s), Play Dead (60 s)

Build 2 – Holy Shield
Per SLOT “Q/R/F” Groupings: (Hatchet, Life Staff, Musket)
Slot Group: Berserk (45s), Holy Shield (25s), Shooter’s Stance (25s)
Slot Group: Purge (the 20s), Speed of Light (20s), Traps (25s)
Slot Group: Aimed Throw (7s), Divine Embrace (8s), Play Dead (60s)


Constitution: Increase Health Pool and %HP based heals (Purged Recovery 15%, Rejuvenating Kills 20%)
Intelligence: Increase Life Staff ranged magical healing/damage AND increase Magical Perks on all physical weapons damage on Hatchet and Musket Magic damage is going to be more important because many people are wearing heavy armor.
Focus: Increase Mana’s recovery rate and decrease cooldowns.
Dexterity: Increase Hatchet/Musket ranged physical damage if you prefer range dmg.
Strength: Increase Hatchet melee physical damage.


Magical Perks (INT scaling)- [+30/40/50% dmg [b]GLOWING[/b] effect!: Abyssal (Void), Empowered (Magic), Electrified (Lightning), Ignited (Fire)] on physical weapons (Hatchet & Musket)]. Lucky for a chance of getting rarer items.

Heavy Armor should be your main priority. Use other armors if you do not have any other options. Elemental Ward – Elemental Damage Absorption. Reduced weight perk for greater dodging, Corruption Resistance, and Lucky for a chance of getting rarer items.

Try To Use All Resources: Home buffs, camp, food, drink, potions & tinctures, weapon coatings (small/moderate/large/maximal bonus to damage)

That Would be all from this guide on a brief way to use The features and different aspects to use with Musket/Hatchet/Life Staff. Thanks for reading

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