NieR Re[in]carnation Guide: Tips, WIKI, and Strategies

NieR Re[in]carnation is a command-action RPG for mobile devices, developed by Square Enix and Applibot. Your Journey in the game starts as a young girl. She finds herself in an infinitely vast place filled with buildings that touch the very sky. Guided by a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama, she begins to explore her new surroundings.

Guides, Tips, WIKI, and Strategies for NieR Re[in]carnation

Coming to the topic of the guide, Here we take a look at all the beginner’s aspects of the game. If you give this a good read, the basics of the game will be clear for you, and you can progress in the game better, with these Tips, Strategies, and Guides. The Table Of Content includes:

How To Play

Your task in NieR Re[in]carnation is to fix broken and warped memories to complete stories. As you complete these stories, you will be rewarded with certain weapons, equipment, and resources. The actual gameplay consists of a turn-based strategy. The enemies will come in waves and you need correct strategies to clear waves.

Basic Combat

Normal attacks can be done automatically in the game. You can either use weapons skills or character skills once you see that the respective gauge is filled. If you have any companions equipped, you can make use of companion skills to aid you in the ongoing battle.

About Black Birds

NieR Re[in]carnation black birds

Throughout your in-game journey inside “The Cage”, you will encounter these blackbirds. Mama will ask you to “shoot them out” to free them. She will give you rewards in return. The basic task here is to tap on these blackbirds to free them and earn items in the process.

How To Increase Strength (Quest Guide)

NieR Re[in]carnation Strength

As you progress through the main quest, the levels of enemies will keep on increasing. This will show that you are progressing properly. All you need to do is to keep leveling up yourself to keep up. You should do all the different quests to increase your XP and Strength. The quests are Guerilla quest, Daily Quests, and The Main Quest. These are further explained below:

  • Guerilla Quests: These come up at set times during the day once. You can do these to earn weapon enhancements.
  • Daily Quests: Usually the daily quests grant you weapon enhancement resources. These however, change each day throughout the week.
  • Main Quest: These quests will most likely grant you character enhancements and chaptet summon tickets.

How To Get Stamina

How To Get Stamina

You will run out of stamina while playing quests eventually. You can however regain it by doing certain activities in the game. They are:

  • Exploration: Play certain minigames to earn stamina from this one. The amount of stamina granted is based on how high you can score in the minigame. Make sure to score the highest to get max stamina from this.
  • Item Shop: You can spend some gold in the item shop to get some stamina for yourself.
  • Daily Logins: Daily Logins grant you stamina as reward for each day that you keep coming back to the game.
  • Send Support To Friends: Helping out your friends or sending them support will grant you stamina as a reward for good conduct. This is limited to once per day so take note of that.

How To Get Enhancements

Enhancements are the key aspect of this game. That is because they are used to level up your characters and weapons. That in return will help you in keeping up with the increasing levels of enemies as you progress in the game. Here is a small guide on the different enhancements and how you can get them:

Weapon EnhancementsGuerilla Quests/Exchange
How To Get Materials For Weapon Level UpDaily Quests/Exchange
Weapon Skill Enhancement MaterialsDaily Quests/Exchange
Weapon Ascension MaterialsExchange
Character EnhancementsMain Quest/Chapter Summons/Exchange
Character Materials for Levelling UpExchange
Skill Ascension Materials for CharactersChapter Summons

How To Get Gold

How To Get Gold

To increase the overall levels, strength, and force of weapons and characters you will need a lot of Gold. Gold is the main in-game currency of NieR Reincarnation. There are certain ways to get gold in the game. I will list them for ease of reference:

  • Sell Your Unused/Extra Weapons: If you are in no need for certain 2-Star or 3-Star weapons, I would suggest that you sell them at the shop and get gold in exchange. You can then use that to level up your other weapons.
  • Selling Coins: Selling Coins such as bronze, silver, and gold coins will earn you decent amounts of actual gold in-game.
  • Doing Missions: Do all the missions to earn gold from them. Make sure to complete all of them to earn the maximum amount of gold you can.

How Does Exchange System Work

How Does Exchange System Work

Exchange is a type of shop. This should be located at the top-right of the main menu. You should take extra items there to exchange for some cool things. The items you can exchange there are 2 and 3-Star Medals, Rare Medals which are 4-Star, and Arena Coins. All of these will give you items in change for weapons.

Combat Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

  • Lock-on system: During battles, locking on to targets are a good way to take out a particularly strong target that can cause trouble later on. Try to focus on a powerful enemy using this system to attack it with different characters
  • Skill Combos: Using skills in succession will enable you to do combos. These are more damaging than normal attacks, so make use of every chance you get and do a decent amount of damage. The idea here is to keep a good watch on your skills so that you can line them up one after another to do a combo!
  • Companions: You can find different companions as you progress through the main quest. To make use of companions, make sure to add them to your current deck to use them in battles. Companions come with their own set of skills which are exclusive to them. They also provide you with buffs, so make sure to use them well.
  • Status Effects: Enemies later on will come with certain Status Ailments/effects. The list of statuses are Poison, Stun, Blind, and Burn. Poison and Burn will cause you to take a continuous damage. Blind will cause you to miss attacks, and Stun will block all Combat actions for certain number of turns.

What are Memoirs

Memoirs are equipment that you can acquire in dungeons. Dungeons can be found under the Sub-Quest Menu. You gain the ability for various effects and stats when you equip a Memoir. Each Memoir is unique and has its own perks and stats. Here are some key points to note about Memoirs that can come in handy:

  • How To Get Memoirs: You can get Memoirs in two ways. Clearing the main quest will grant you memoirs. These are one-time rewards per account so make use of it wisely. The second method is to do Dungeon Quests.
  • Abilities: Memoirs come with Primary and Secondary abilities. As you incease level, the primary abilities will incrase in stats. The secondary abilities will increase once per 4 level.
  • Set Bonuses: Equipping Multiple memoirs will grant you set bonuses. Set bonuses are a common term in Turn-Based RPG. It is similar here also. Having the same set of Memoirs will increase the overall Strength.
  • Enhancing/Upgrading Memoirs: You can increase the Level/ Enhance Memoirs using Gold. The Gold part is already covered above so give that one a good read.

For a beginner who is starting out NieR Reincarnation, the above tips and guides are enough to get the basics down. As you progress along in the game, you will, of course, learn more. The game is quite enjoyable. Certain aspects are locked behind wallets so that is a bit of a bummer. And me being an avid mobile gamer cannot lie about that. Other than that all is fine and you will have a good time in the game. Thanks for reading and take care!

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