NIKKE Goddess of Victory – Increasing Level Cap Tips and Tricks

NIKKE Goddess of Victory is gaining momentum moving forward in the world of mobile games. The game features an immersive storyline with good graphics and unique features for a player to enjoy.

Another part to look forward to is how you can level up and increase your level cap in the game. This is where the Synchronization system for the NIKKE Goddess of Victory comes in.

In this guide, I will show you the entire system of synchronization and how you can use it to increase the level cap in the game.

NIKKE Goddess of Victory – Increasing Level Tips and Tricks

To start it all off, go to the Outposts tab from the home screen. This should be located at the center bottom part of the home screen:

INCREASE LEVEL CAP in NIKKE Goddess of victory

There are a lot of building inside the outpost that you can use to your advantage. One of them is the Synchro Device:

synchro device

As far as I can recall, the chapter you need to beat to unlock Synchro Device is 4-15. Once you enter the Syncro Device, you will see a bunch of things that are quite straightforward to follow.

What is Synchro Device?

This is basically a common mechanic similar to a lot of Idle Gacha games out there. This is basically a platform for you to synchronize the levels of your characters.

Now whichever character is the lowest level in the list of 5 characters, the added character from the pool will take the value of that character, which is basically synching the power levels.

level increase guide NIKKE

If you use the character from the pool as I showed above, that character will go to cool down. Now, if you go to your “NIKKE” or characters section, you will see that the particular character you used is level 1 now.

That is how the Synchronization Device works in this game, and it is quite a decent mechanic to use to increase a character’s base level.

Is it worth it to increase Synchro Slots?

Now the question can arise whether you should unlock more slots for the pool slot used in the Synchro Device.

Well, eventually you should expand the slots but do note that they cost 500 gems each so you should spend them wisely.

How To Slot The Synchro Device Characters

The tip that a lot of veterans and experienced players give here is to equip SR tier characters for your Main 5 levels of Synchronization.

After that, use the Limit Break feature for each character or your preferred one and level it up to the maximum possible. For SR characters, the max cap is 80 and the Limit Break Cap is 160.

For SSR characters, you need the dupe to upgrade from level 80 which is the max cap to 120 which is the Limit Breaker Level. You can further extend that to reach a maximum level of 160.

If you Increase the Level cap of ONLY the SR characters using the Synchro Device, you will NOT need dupes for SSR characters since you can simply use one of them there and get the maximum level to 160 using that feature.

How To Reset a Level Cap Increase or Sync

If you feel like you have mistakenly leveled up or synchronized any NIKKE, you can always reset it from the “NIKKE” tab.

To do this, go to the tab and select the character. You should find a “Reset Level” option right under the NIKKE’s name. Click on that and it will reset the levels. You can also see a bunch of rewards you can get if you reset a certain NIKKE:

If you plan it out right and take the leveling-up strategy step by step, you can easily break the level cap of the characters and level up SSR level NIKKE to max level without spending dupes.

Thanks for reading and do leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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