Omno | 100% Achievements Guide

Omno is a game that takes you on a journey of discovery through an ancient world full of surprises. It’s a single-player adventure full of puzzles, secrets, and obstacles to overcome. By doing all of these, you ultimately inch your way towards unlocking achievements. if you are looking to unlock all the achievements for Omno, then this is the place to be. Below is the list of achievements you can do for the game and some tips on how to get them. Check it out!

100% Achievements Guide for Omno [Steam]

All achievements can be acquired in one playthrough. Achievements are listed in the manner in which you would unlock them. If you skipped or missed any achievement, you can replay the chapter. If you start to replay any chapter, then all your progress in the remaining chapters will be reset and you will have to start the game again in order to collect everything. So take note of this and plan your progress accordingly.

Story Achievements

These are non-missable ones and simply playing the story should get you these achievements. You do not need to worry about missing any of these.

  • The Initiate
  • The Apperentice
  • The Disciple
  • The Adept
  • The Exalted

Walkthrough Achievements

You need to complete all of these stages with 100% completion rates. This section requires some effort and attention to get so do that at your own discretion. The Stages which require 100% completion are study animals, find spheres, read glyphs and meditate. Make sure to press continue every time after completion. if you press Replay by mistake, you have to replay everything from the start and your progress will be lost. Here is the list of achievements:

  • Pit Master
  • Plateau Master
  • Plains Master
  • Valley Master
  • Lake Master
  • Canyon Master
  • Desert Master
  • Mesa Master
  • Heights Master
  • Cliff Master
  • The Ascendant

Water/Amphibic Achievement

All you need to do is walk near the Water shores for about 20 seconds to complete this achievement. This is the one and only unique achievement in this section. This can be done at the start of the game, and as far as I can recall, requires the least bit of effort to do. Hence make sure you do not miss this achievement at all.

Agression management Achievement

This is also the one and only achievement in its category. This can be completed at the very first level. You need to stomp the same Lapicrab 5 times. That will count towards your aggression and should be enough to complete this achievement for you. Lapicrabs can be found near water bodies, so it should be hard to do this one either.

Like Minded Achievement

You can complete this achievement in Chapter 3 at Level 2. You need to slide on the staff for 30 seconds with the Scipuins. Hold the button to the left and it will slide in a circle. This is kind of tricky to do, but totally doable so simply follow the instructions and be done with it fairly easily.

Herder Achievement

You can complete this achievement in chapter 4 at level 1. at the very beginning of the level, there will be 3 Caloobs near you. Ideally, you must collect them. Before these, you need to interact with them so that they follow you. Simple to understand and do, so I do not think this would be hard either.

Ground is lava Achievement

Ground is lava Achievement astendeons gamerunits

You need to keep Astendeons in the air with a dash for 10 seconds. This achievement can be completed in Chapter 5 at Level 1. Make sure that it is registered in your journal entry, otherwise, it may or may not count towards the achievement. Usually, when you approach it, it should say “New Journal Entry: Astendeons”

That would be all from this guide of Omno. Leave your thoughts down in the comments and We will address it as soon as we can. Thanks for reading!

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