Overcooked! 2 | How To Get All Characters/Chefs

If we say overcooked! 2, we cannot miss all the chefs/characters present in the game. If you wish to know how to get them all, this is the perfect guide for you. Let’s check it out…

How To Get All Characters/Chefs

To start with, you can obtain all the characters through a number of ways in the game. These are: Simply purchasing Overcooked! 2, when some basic chefs are automatically unlocked. 2. Acquiring some DLCs of the game, which automatically grants you some additional chefs. 3. Completing some levels of the game or its DLCs. 4. Achieving some special difficult conditions/objectives.

List of DLCs Used in the game

  • Too Many Cooks PACK. (TMC)
  • Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC. (SNT)
  • Kevin’s Christmas Cracker DLC. (This content is free) (KCC)
  • Chinese New Year DLC. (This content is free) (CNY)
  • Campfire Cook-Off DLC. (CCO)
  • All at Sea PACK. (This content is free) (AAS)
  • Night of the Hangry Horde DLC. (NHH)
  • Carnival of Chaos DLC. (COC)

Refer to the abbreviations used above. Since DLC names are long, the abbreviated forms are used for ease of reference.

List of All Chefs/Characters and How To Unlock

To find a specific Character, Press CTRL+F on your Keyboard and search from the dropdown. For Mobile Device users see the top right of the screen and select search from the dropdown. NOTE: The names of the characters and DLCs can be the same since they are universal and cannot be changed. Hence reader discretion is highly advised.

White MaleBasic
White FemaleComplete 2-4
Balck MaleFinish 1-2
Black FemaleComplete Kevin 3
GrandpaComplete Kevin 1
GrandmaBasic Requirement
MinerComplete 4-6
Glasses FemaleBasic Requirement
South AmericanComplete 2-1
IndianComplete 4-4
CaptainObtain AAS
PirateObtain AAS
TamerGet COC
ClownGet COC
BulletwomanObtain COC
Strong ManObtain COC
HawaiianComplete SNT 2-1
Sunglasses MaleComplete SNT 1-1
AsianBasic Requirement
WizardFinish 3-1
ScoutComplete CCO 2-2
OctopusComplete 4-2
SharkObtain AAS
NarwhalObtain AAS
WalrusGet TMC
CrocodileComplete 3-5
ParrotFinish SNT 3-1
EagleComplete 5-2
OwlComplete CCO 3-1
Male PigObtain all 180 Stars in the game
Female PigComplete CNY 1-4
PandaBasic Requirement
BearComplete CCO
Black CatComplete 1-5
Brown CatComplete 5-5
Multicolor CatGet TMC
MonkeyGet TMC
SquirrelComplete 6-2
MouseBasic Requirement
BeaverComplete CCO 1-3
MoleFinish Kevin 5
RaccoonComplete 3-3
ElfComplete CCK 1-1
MermaidGet AAS
VampireNHH DLC Required
WerewolfGet NHH
UnicornGet TMC
DragonComplete CNY 1-1
Green AlienComplete Kevin 7
Purple AlienGet TMC
GhostGet NHH DLC
SnowmanComplete CCK 1-3
RobotComplete 6-5

That would be the complete list of all the characters/chefs and how to get them in the game. A special thanks to Steam user Kingofbyd for the short forms. Thanks for dropping by and we will see you in the next one!

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