Panilla Saga – Top Heroes To Progress In-Game

Welcome to a guide on Panilla Saga where I will share my two cents on the top or best heroes to progress in the game.

This is an opinionated post so this can be different from what you want to or are using for Panilla Saga. All opinions and comments are welcome in the comment section below 🙂

Panilla Saga – Top Heroes To Progress In-Game

I will be listing the Top heroes in the game to progress starting from 5 all the way up to 1. This way you will know who to avoid or take less often and who to take as your top pick in the game.

Hero #5

Number five is going to be Delilah. Her Auto attacks can bounce between enemies to deal a hefty amount of area-of-effect damage before spells even go out.

An integral part of every fight is the beginning phase whenever everybody is
building up their skill bars. Delilah provides you with the absolute highest damage output.

She also has a built-in leech that she supplies to your allies as well so while she can carry and sustain herself she helps her allies do the same thing.

Finally, her abilities ricochet also. This does a lot of damage and it is the best one of the best offensive assets of this character.

Hero #4

Geironul comes at number four. What she can do is put out multiple avatars of herself on the field to help deal damage as well. They copy her attacks, and abilities and mimic her stats and in general.

They just supply a lot of pressure on enemies on the battlefield. She also has a key function that a lot of caries rely on. If one of her allies goes down, it increases her damage and her damage resistance so in a carry situation where you can expect her to be the last one standing.

You can also expect her to have increased stats for a large portion of the fight whenever you unlock her potential. She’s also going to get crit and innate leech every single time she lands a certain number of crits.

Hero #3

Coming in at number 3 is Anastasia. Unlike Delilah who benefits from damage output before abilities go out, Anastasia is going to be the opposite. She’s going to deal the most damage whenever it’s time for her abilities to go out.

Not only does she increase the damage that the enemies take in general but she has a lot of area-of-effect attacks with very short cooldowns to help make work of most foes.

She’s also able to ignore damage every time she uses the spinning snowflake around her which makes her invulnerable to damage and we can see how often she puts that out.

If you take her potential path to be a silver moon Warrior she’s going to be able to regenerate a portion of her missing HP every second for 10 seconds giving her even more layers of sustainability.

Hero #2

Speaking of sustainability our number two is going to be Molliere. She adds these shields to your allies so the amount of sustainability that she has is not only for herself but for the entire team.

The Buffs that she provides do not only benefit herself but also benefit her allies which help scale with her stats. By making her your carry you’re actually benefiting everybody on your team.

Hero #1

Finally, the number one in Panilla Saga is Hegomi. He has chances to block incoming damage and he also absorbs incoming damage. He prevents
enemies from using abilities by draining
their energy.

Hegomi is also a good tank which gives him a little boost in the stats that help him stay on the battlefield. The character also decreases the enemy energy regeneration rate so whenever you deploy Hegomi he has unmatched survivability and he prevents the enemies from even casting their skills which is potentially the most dangerous part of the progression.

Except for stages here and there where the game is deliberately made tough, Hegomi excels in combat and synergy.

So that was the complete list of best heroes ranked from 5 to 1 you can use to progress in Panilla Saga. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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