Phasmophobia: Cursed Possessions Update and Guide

It’s time for the next big update in Phasmophobia known as Cursed Possessions. Some of the new features in Cursed Possessions, and changes will be covered by me. Whenever new information becomes available, this guide will be updated.

Phasmophobia: Cursed Possessions Update and Guide

This will be a comprehensive Phasmophobia guide for the latest addition called Cursed Possessions. Each topic for the game DLC will be covered in this guide so keep reading for the full information

Cursed Possessions Update and Additions

You’ve been having weird things happen around your house and when you go looking for the source of the ghostly noises, you can’t find any logical explanation. You don’t want to take the next step, so here are some items that can help you find the source of the haunting faster or at least make it more difficult for you to not find it.

Music Box Update

The music box is an item that plays music and is obvious. I think the music box will cause a ghost to manifest for a ghost event or ghost photo opportunity if I hear a ghost singing in game.

Pinned Voodoo Doll addition in Cursed Possessions

The “Tortured Voodoo Doll” is an upgraded version of the voodoo dolls you sometimes find laying around the map. It can allow you to force the ghost to do something in-front of you, such as turning a light on or closing a door. Every time you use it, it depletes your sanity. In my opinion, the only use this would have is against ghosts that don’t interact.

Ouija Board update

The old classic has returned. There isn’t much to explain about this one apart from the fact that it can respond to new questions, you can ask it how much sanity you have, and you must say goodbye to it once you are done using it. You know how it works so there’s no need to go over it again if you used it before.

Haunted Mirror

There is a mirror. The mirror allows you to see where the ghost is, so if you look into it, you won’t see it. You can only use it to locate the ghosts room, which is what an advanced Ouija Board is. This will drain sanity as well.

Tarot Cards

The artist at the studio is named Corey J. who showed us a bunch of spooky, hand-drawn images made up to look like a deck of seven cards. This was shared by the developer.

There are three images that are clear to see, with one representing death, the other the hermit and the final one the moon. The first is the face of figure contorting their skin with their fingertips, the ‘hermit’ depicts a figure desperately trying to escape their bonds, and the latter is a crescent moon.

There are more to the list of updates that are there. These are the main ones and definitely look forward for these in the Phasmophobia’s Cursed Possessions Update.

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