Phasmophobia – How to find spirit box evidence without mic

If you are struggling with your audio or mic not getting picked up by Phasmophobia, we have some solutions for you. You will need these fixes especially if you want to find the spirit box evidences with any audio or microphone.

How to find spirit box evidence without Talking to Ghost

If you experience the above said issue and have troubles with finding the spirit box evidence, keep on reading…

Fix 1

  • Locate the haunted room.
  • Turn the lights off.
  • Wait for the ghost to interact with something (open the door, turn electronics on and off, drop something, etc.).
  • Turn on the spirit box and walk around the haunted room, preferably starting from the spot nearest to the object the ghost interacted with. Circle around multiple times if needed.

Fix 2

  • Locate the haunted room.
  • Turn the lights off.
  • Turn on the spirit box, and drop it somewhere you think the ghost would go or near an object it would interact with. For example, next to a door or under a light switch, or in a corridor (just how you would place the ghost writing book).
  • Wait for an interaction.

It’s very likely that the spirit box isn’t the evidence of this ghost if the ghost interats with objects multiple times but doesn’t say anything.

Alternate Method to fix Spirit Box Evidence issue

If you want to make sure the left evidence piece isn’t a spirit box, you can try looking for other types of evidence and cross it off the list.

It is possible to seek for unique ghost behaviors. If you don’t have enough evidence to be sure, you can pour salt on the floor and wait for the ghost to step in it. It is wraith if it doesn’t leave footsteps under the UV light, but makes stomp sounds.


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