Ready or Not – Spot and Disarm Booby Traps

In this guide for Ready or Not, you will see how to spot a booby trap and disarm it at the earliest. Your goal in Ready or Not is to disarm them without setting the traps off in the first place. The results can be catastrophic!

Ready or Not – How To Spot and Disarm Booby Traps

What is a booby trap and what are the locations?↓

The bottom of a door is where a booby trap is placed. In Barricaded Suspects, the only game mode where those appear, you should always check a door. Currently, in Ready or Not, there are two types of booby traps:

  • Flashbang Booby Trap
  • HE Grenade Booby Trap

The flashbang trap will temporarily blind you, giving your armed suspects a good chance to engage and kill you.

The grenade trap is worse. Everyone close to the door dies if it is Triggered.

How To Spot Booby Traps in Ready or Not?↓

You can spot a booby trap in three ways. We will list them down as shown below:

  • Use the Mirror gun to spot any booby trap besides the doorways entrances
  • The second method is peeking through the door. If you don’t carry a Mirror gun, peek through the door but do not open it. You should be able to see a small wire through the door crack.
  • Third method is quite obvious and does not need much explanation. If you are standing on the other side of the door, look at the bottom of the door for such traps to be safe.

How To disarm a Booby Trap↓

This section will show you one of the main aspects of Ready or Not, which is disarming the booby traps in the vicinity of yourself and your team mates.

It is quite easy to disarm it. If you’re on the other side of the booby trap, you can just cut it with your tool. If you want to disarm your tool, hold F on the wire while looking at the trigger and press F once.

It could be a bit more difficult if you’re on the other side. Look at the wire at the bottom of the door, then cut it. As opening the door further might cause the trap, be careful not to hit it. There is a booby trap behind the door and it’s wise to inform your squad.

And that is how you can spot and disable or disarm a booby trap in Ready or Not. Let us know if this guide has helped you in any way.

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