Redecor Game Cheats, Rules, and Strategy Guide

in this guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about Redecor, which includes the rules, some cheats, and strategy as well. These tips will help you decorate spaces and win more challenges. Since this game is purely based on decorations, you will need to put your creative input into this as well. These along with some of the tricks from this guide should do well for you!

Redecor Game Cheats, Rules, and Strategy Guide

Certain Rules/FAQ for Redecor Game

How To Enter Design Challenge

You can enter a Design Challenge as long as it says “Live.” Every Challenge is available for you to design for 48 hours, and you can see the remaining time right under the Challenge title. You can also see the upcoming challenges and the time remaining before they go “Live.” Tap “Enter” to open the Challenge, and you will see the Design Brief that describes the client’s wishes for the room. Tap “Enter” once again to open the room and choose the materials and colors that suit the brief and your taste best! Have fun designing!

What is a Design duel and what are the rules?

Design Duel” is another type of challenge where you compete against a random player. The chances to win are 50/50.

You get a Duel from a random competitor every 24 hours and you can enter as long as it says “Live”. Duel is available for players for 24 hours, so there is plenty of time for everyone to complete it. After you submit your design, it goes to voting. Within the “Design Duel,” you get the results much faster than in the usual mode – in 2 hours or even faster if it gets enough votes! If you got your results faster than in 2 hours, it means that enough people have voted on it already.

How To Challenge someone in Design Duel

At the moment, it’s not possible to challenge someone in a design duel but the Design Duel challenge is automated randomly

What is a season pass?

With Season Pass, you don’t receive all of the rewards instantly, but while climbing up the levels.

The game is divided into 30-day seasons. Every Season has new & unique rewards in terms of cash, gold, and materials, which you can unlock on your way up. You’ve got 30 levels to climb up for 30 days if you want to reach the top (and to collect all the rewards on the way)!

There are two ways to join the race: you can either follow the Free Rewards path OR the Season Pass path by purchasing the seasonal Season Pass. After 30 days, the Season ends and your level is 0 again. You always get to keep all the materials and rewards you’ve collected so far! With Season Pass, you don’t receive all of the rewards instantly, but while climbing up the levels.

How Does Voting system function

When you submit your design, it is assigned to a group of 9 other designs and goes to voting. During the voting, it is randomly paired with other designs from your group only. Every time it is paired with a different design from your group.

Our ratings are based only on other players’ votes, and the final ranking gets decided by the number of stars each design has obtained. In case two designs get the same score, the player with a higher design value (=how much Cash and Gold they’ve used for the materials) gets ranked higher.

How To Get XP in Redecor Game

XP stands for Experience Points. By collecting XP, you can level up in the game and collect rewards. It is possible to either follow the Free Rewards Path or join the Season Pass Reward path. Once you submit the design, you will receive the same amount of XP as the amount of Cash and Gold you used for the room.

Cheats, Tips, and Strategies for Redecor Game

Make Sleek Designs

Creating a colorful design is fine but it all comes down to what sells. You want your designs to rate high when they’re up for voting, so make sure that you create something that catches the eye, but does not overstimulate it.

You want a variety of colors to make a good sale, but not too much variety. You want mixed elements, but not a mess of wood, mixed metals, and marble. Try to create something unique, but with a pleasant look. Players usually vote for designs that look sleek and have a touch of creativity. Make sure you have the right balance of variety and subtleness using these colors. Aim for a healthy middle ground.

Add accent elements to designs

Accent elements play an important role in décor, as they draw the eye towards the elements that you want to be highlighted. For example, you are designing a living room—you want to place a beautiful pillow on a sofa, and next to it, you want to add some interesting lamps as well as other matching decors that will draw the player’s attention towards them.

Cast Votes Each Day for Additional Money

If you want extra currencies, make sure you vote every single day. The votes actually matter, and having a cool design will really pay off. You can vote several times a day, so if you have some spare time and want to make some bucks, try to do this as much as possible. Also, make sure you are completing daily challenges to get the most rewards possible.

Try to get the Season Pass

If you want to spend some money on the game, but don’t want to spend too much, then the Season Pass is definitely the way to go. You will receive exclusive rewards, and it’s definitely going to pay off. We prefer to get this instead of buying premium currency or specific items. If you have just a few bucks to spend and want to get the most out of them, the pass is a great deal.

If you plan on getting the pass, don’t get it at the end of the month—it is best bought at the start of the month since each season lasts for that long.

Practice as much as possible

Practicing designs is the name of the game here. Keep making new and unique designs, even if it does not do well. Reaching the 5 Star goal of votes is not an easy road but it is definitely doable. You will get an idea of what people like only by playing the game more, so make sure you take part in every single challenge you can because it’s going to pay off. Just do not be heartbroken if you do not make it to a certain round or fail in the process.

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