Rise of Kingdoms – Best City Designs/Layouts

If you want to know the best City Designs or layouts for The Rise of Kingdoms, then this guide will help you a lot. The Rise of Kingdoms community has been quite creative in the base layout department, so we have put together a few of the best city designs and layouts in the game to give you some inspiration to create your own.

These are just suggestive layouts hence you can always play around until you get the perfect city design for yourself.

Rise of Kingdoms City Designs and Layouts

How can we submit city designs?

If you want to submit a base layout to be featured in this article, upload an image of your base on an image-sharing website. It can be Imgur, light shot, dropbox, google drive, or any place where you can produce a valid shareable link to your image.

Now you simply need to leave the link to that image in a comment, along with your preferred name (nickname, in-game name, etc). If you made an amazing customized base, we will try to add it to our list as well, so do not forget to mention that as well.

Some Amazing City Designs from Community

Amazing City Design [Credits: POOPYPANTSFUREV ]

Pu55nm00f ancient Chinese prosperous city

Reynier771 astonishing Japanese-themed city

Reddit user OGMuffintops’  well-managed and placed city

Reddit user whoishiroi’s symmetrical oasis

BlazePilgrim‘s early but promising base 20 days in ROK

city design 6

Balance, zen, and prosperity in hexhex17‘s city

Sakura kingdom

Tophill base

These are some of the top-level city designs I have seen so far for Rising of Kingdoms. As I already mentioned earlier, be creative with your design, and you can also come up with beautiful and well-organized cities and layouts for the game. Do leave a link for your image if you have such beautiful bases to show off to the world.

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