Roblox Shindo Life – Spirits Tier List/Best Modes [August 2022]

In Roblox Shindo Life, Modes are also known as Spirits. These are specific attributes that you can activate for your character in Shindo Life.

You can activate the mode you want by pressing the Z button or the button you’ve you have assigned it to. Spirits can give one of the following; Stat boosts, Abilities, or both at the same time.

What spirit your character has can significantly matter as to how strong your character is to play with.

With so many unique modes/Spirits in the game, it can be a bit of a tough time for you to know which ones are the best ones to farm for and use. This tier list guide will help you decide where they have been ranked as per all modes/spirits.

Top spirits tier list/ Best Modes in Shindo Life

Tyn Tailed SpiritS+5003.33%
Akuma Eternal HandS8001.43%
Captain JokeiS8000.2%
Divination SpiritS9990.83%
Chu Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Gai Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Isu Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Kor Tailed SpiritA+5006.67%
Ku Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Mao Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Rab Tailed SpiritA+7006.67%
Sei Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Su Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Sun Tailed SpiritA+50010.00%
Cloak SpiritA6004.00%
Dunes Fate SpiritA9995.00%
Ember Fate SpiritA9995.00%
Nimbus Fate SpiritA9995.00%
Bat Cursed SpiritB4406.67%
Cobra Spirit AwakenB7002.00%
Cobra Stretch ModeB6001.67%
Demon Gate SpiritB3007.14%
Demonic SpiritB45012.5%
Frog Spirit AwakenB7004.00%
Haze Fate SpiritB9995.00%
Obelisk Fate SpiritB9995.00%
Santa Platinum WinterB8004.00%
Spider Cursed SpiritB4402.86%
Toad Cursed SpiritB9500.4%
Heavenly SpiritC3309.09%
Mastered Frog SpiritC7003.33%
Puppet Platinum HalloweenC8001.67%
Reptile Cursed SpiritC4403.33%
Snail Spirit AwakenC7002.5%
Specialist SpiritC9502.22%
Finite Strength SpiritD7006.25%
Mastered Rabbit SpiritD7002.86%
Vapor Inner SpiritD5003.33%

In the tier list given above, The ranking criteria for all modes/spirits in Shindo Life depends on how powerful they are, both the ones that you obtain by finding from spawns and the ones you can get through bloodlines. You can also see the spawn chance and the level requirement to unlock each of the modes in the list below.

Modes that have multiple level requirements are modes that have stages. They become stronger once a new stage is unlocked. Modes/Spirits have been ranked from S to D. S being the highest and D the lowest tier rank.

What are Modes or Spirits in Shindo Life?

Modes/Spirits are one of the many attributes of your character that matter towards your strength. It also depends on what skills you can use or do not use. All spirits/Modes in the game are unique and give your character a different aura and presence while any of the skills are active in the first place.

While the equipped mode/spirit form is active, your character gets stat boosts such as boosted movement speed, damage, new abilities, or both boosts and skills. Getting a powerful mode can significantly speed up the rate at which you gain EXP and Points inside the game so it’s the ideal thing to do.

You can acquire modes in Shindo Life by finding them throughout the world, by defeating tailed beast bosses or other bosses like Deva. You can also get them from War mode. Some specific modes in the game are obtained through a bloodline. This means that you need to have and level up the bloodline to unlock the mode.

That is all We have to share in this guide on the latest tier list for all The Modes/Spirits in Shindo Life. Thanks for reading, and do not forget to leave a comment regarding any questions or suggestions you have. Thanks!

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