RuneScape: Premier Club and Daily Challenge Upgrades

Premier Club 2022 is here! Sort out your next year of Membership with a VIP package, including instant rewards and year-round extras. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Highlights include this year’s unique cosmetic outfit – the Dawnforged Armour Set and Greatsword Override – and a very special pet, the mystical Sol The Unicorn.

Premier Club also offers monthly drops containing very special items, as well as access to Premium Yak Tracks, +100 Bank Spaces and lots of other nifty bonuses. It’s all lovingly formulated to add a touch of luxury to your Gielinor lifestyle – all for £49.99/€64.99/$69.99!* Head over here for more info:

Premier Club and Daily Challenge Upgrades in RuneScape

*If you were a Premier Club Member and impacted by the Login Lockout earlier this year, the game will be offering you a discounted rate to purchase this year’s Premier Club. Please do not buy through the website at this time since they will be sending you an email / RuneScape Inbox message within the next couple of days to let you know how to upgrade with your discount.
Currently, players are stuck with a selection of challenges that aren’t necessarily appealing, and these can end up stagnating in your backlog. Some of the current tasks on offer are also a little imbalanced, and the rewards feel a little stale. So we thought it was time for a bit of an upgrade. Here’s what’s changing:
  • You’ll get three Daily Challenges every day. These then expire at the end of the day before being replaced by three more.
  • Completing a Daily Challenge awards a Large Lamp (previously a Huge Lamp) – but now you can get three rewards per day, not just one!
  • Vis Wax has more value than ever before. A re-roll of your Daily Challenges now only costs 10 Vis Wax (it was 25) and you can re-roll as many times as you want! Extending a Challenge now only costs 30 Vis Wax (it was 50) and doubles its Weekly progress (see below).
  • We’ve also improved specific Daily Challenges that we felt were a bit rusty – see the Patch Notes for full details.

NEW Weekly Challenges

  • Completing a Daily Challenge progresses a brand new Weekly Reward Track – one for Free to Play players, and one for Members.
  • Every three Dailies you complete unlocks a Weekly Reward – with up to a maximum of seven unlocks per week!
  • Rewards could include anything from Silverhawk Down and Dungeoneering Tokens up to a Cash Bag, Deathtouched Dart or Gift For the Reaper! (Note: For Ironman players, restricted rewards are substituted with Oddments)
  • Feeling a wee bit lazy? Ah, we all have our off-days. Luckily, the Weekly Track contains Challenge Skip Tokens – meaning you can swerve the objective and claim the lovely rewards. Go on, treat yourself!
  • RuneScape Members receive the rewards from both the Member and free-to-play tracks, while non-members only get the free-to-play goodies.

Golden Party Hat Hunt!

Party Hats are some of the most sought-after items in RuneScape, and we don’t release them for any old reason. They’re tradeable, high value and of course, extremely fetching. They’ve only been available six times throughout RuneScape’s entire history, so we’re not messing around when we say that you don’t want to miss the 2021 Golden Party Hat Hunt!

To earn your Golden Party Hat, you’ll have to complete a variety of tasks in order to land some shards. Fortunately, there are lots of different tasks available, so you can approach things in your own inimitable style. Time is of the essence, however – the grand shard search begins November 22nd and runs until January 3rd. Check out the full details in their special blog.

Once Upon A Time Quest

The anniversary quest series concludes at the end of this month, with the final chapter of Relomia’s story. It’s time to help her discover her true self, as she learns how she can make a difference to the world of Gielinor.

The fourth and final instalment will be worth 4 Quest Points, which is enough to access the penultimate Reward Track unlock – and a T5 Magical Dice! Make sure you’ve caught up with the first three miniquests (Foreshadowing, Flashback and Fortunes) before the final adventure launches on November 22nd. Full details here.

Death Costs Discussion

This December the game will be hosting an open discussion with the community on Death Costs, the outcome of which will shape any future designs. More news soon! After some shipment headaches due to ongoing global supply issues, RuneScape: The First 20 Years has now hit the shelves – and she’s a beaut!

With illustrations, concept art and stories from the development of our beloved game, it’s an in-depth celebration of the world of Gielinor – and a not-too-shabby Christmas gift for the ‘Scaper you hold dearest.

The Deluxe Edition is sold out, but you can still get your hands on the lavish hardcover Standard Edition – an equally formidable tome for pouring over by the fire as the winter nights draw in! Read more and grab your copy here!

This Weeks Fixes and Improvements

Daily Challenge Objective Updates

  • Agility: Complete 2 full laps of any Agility Course (was 5)
  • Archaeology: Restore OR excavate an artefact
  • Combat: Kill 15 enemies (was 5)
  • Construction: Construct 5 normal or flat-packed furniture
  • Cooking: Prepare 10 dishes of food (was 25)
  • Crafting 1: Create 5 pieces of Jewellery
  • Crafting 2: Fire any 10 urns in a Pottery Oven
  • Crafting 3: Craft 5 pieces of equipment
  • Divination: Convert 10 of any type of divination memories (was 25)
  • Dungeoneering: Complete a Daemonheim floor, shifting tomb, or elite dungeon (previously required max complexity)
  • Farming: Check the health of a farming patch, or gather all produce from an allotment, a herb patch, hop patch, or a farm animal (no longer requires the animal to be elder)
  • Firemaking: Light any 10 logs or add them to a bonfire (was 25)
  • Fishing: Catch 14 of any type of fish (was 25)
  • Fletching 1: Fletch any type of arrow or arrow shafts: 60 (was 150, no shafts)
  • Fletching 2: Fletch or string any type of bows: 12 (was 25)
  • Herblore 1: Brew any 2 types of potions (was 10)
  • Herblore 2: Clean 6 of any grimy herb [NEW!]
  • Hunter: Skin one Big Game Hunter creature or catch 3 creatures (was catch 25)
  • Mining: Mine 5 of any type of ore
  • Prayer: Offer 10 bones or ashes to the gods (was 25)
  • Runecrafting 1: Craft 20 essence into any type of rune (was 25)
  • Runecrafting 2: Siphon 8 of any type of rune from the Runespan (was 25)
  • Slayer: Kill 10 slayer creatures that are assigned by a slayer master (was 25)
  • Smithing: Create or upgrade a piece of equipment using core smithing materials (was two pieces)
  • Summoning: Infuse 3 summoning pouches (was 5)
  • Thieving: Pickpocket any target or loot artefacts in Pyramid Plunder 6 times (was 25)
  • Woodcutting: Chop 10 of any type of log (was 25)
  • Revised basic versions of the Daily Objectives for new players
  • We’ve removed the Daily Challenge achievement path, since daily challenges are now onboarded within the Challenges interface via several sets of basic challenges.
  • We’ve replaced some copper and tin rocks in the depths of the Burthorpe mine with common gem rocks, silver rocks and iron rocks, for use in basic challenges and to telegraph low-level Smithing and Crafting progression goals in the starting zone

Other Fixes

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that prevented users from hopping worlds
  • Fixed some minor UI issues with the Marketplace

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