Sackboy: A Big Adventure Controls Guide for PC and Consoles

Sackboy bursts into action on PC in a huge 3D multiplayer platforming adventure. This game contains some of the most picturesque platformer challenges.

Sackboy has immersive controls for a player to really take advantage of. Collaborative, chaotic, and joyful multiplayer fun is what can describe this game to start with.

In this game, we shall take a look at the controls or keybinds for the Keyboard as well as the consoles.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Controls Guide for PC and Consoles

First of all, we will start with the Keyboard controls for Sackboy, for those players who do not want to use controllers, to begin with.

Keyboard Controls

  • Jump / (In Air) Flutter – Space
  • Slap – Left Click or M1
  • Roll – Right Click or M2
  • Headstomp – E
  • Flare – V
  • Use Item – R
  • Discard Item – Q
  • Grab / Use Clawstring – Left Shift
  • (Press) Show Player Info – F
  • (Hold) Acting – B

The movement controls are the default so I do not think you need to do much there in terms of moving around or changing it.

Console Keybinds and Controls

These are the binds for console players on joysticks. You can always change these to the way you want or just leave them to the default values depending on your choice.

Standard Controls

XJump/Flutter Jump
TriangleNose Dive
Directional buttonsEmotes
L2 + L and R StickArms
Tilt ControllerMove Head
Square + XUpper Cut
Square + OSpin
R2Grab/Pick Up And Throw

Power Up Controls

Power UpButtonAction
Plasma PumpsR1Shoot Plasma
Plasma PumpsHold X In The AirHover
Plasma PumpsTriangleSmash Down
Snow Ball, Fish, And UmbrellaL1Drop
Whirl ToolR1Throw
Grappling HookR2Grapple
Snow BallR1Roll Faster
Snow BallSquareRoll Attack
UmbrellaHold X In AirGlide
FishSquareSlap With Fish

That is the entire list of keybinds and controls I could find for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. I hope you will find it helpful and reference this list for your use.

Thanks for reading!

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