Sands of Salzaar console commands

Sands of Salzaar console commands – Bringing you to an exotic desert where you will recruit, train and guide your troops into battle against rival cities and groups. You can embark on an adventure that is unique to you, with customizable characters, professions, and factions. There are a number of hidden secrets on the land.

That was the introduction to Sands of Salzaar. Now, this will be a specific guide on all the console commands you can find for the game. I hope you find the guide helpful and noteworthy. If so, keep it bookmarked since it can come in handy.

Sands of Salzaar console commands

This is the main place to find all the console commands, how to use, and enable them in Sands of Salzaar.

How To Enable Sands of Salzaar Console Commands

First of all, you need to assign a hotkey for the console in the first place. In order to do that:

  • Go to settings
  • Move to the tab called Hotkey Tab
  • Scroll until you see Extra Features and Open Debug Console.
  • By default the key should be a tilde denoted by “~”
  • You can assign this to any key you want

To enable the console commands for SoS:

  • Go to your Settings
  • Hotkey
  • scroll down and find it above the Battle hotkeys section

What is the File location for the console commands ID?

If you do not find the ID for the items, or if you do not know Mandarin, using the items commands can be troublesome. Hence you can simply go over the file location and see the items ID for yourself:


You can find some excel files which you would need to figure out what it says. Basically you can also find this hotfix “D道具列表_Items_hotfix”.

This is a prefix for items. Use the Chinese IDs to put in the console for the needed commands.

The Console Commands

These are the actual console commands for Sands of Salzaar. There are more you can find out at this Link. First, let me show you the format for the console commands for SoS:

  • Format: GETITEMS*[ID], [COUNT]

Here are the SoS Console Commands:

  • GETITEMS*玉石, 300 (Jade)
  • GETITEMS*铁石, 300 (Ironstone)
  • GETITEMS*木材, 300 (Wood)
  • GETITEMS*永久力量, 10 (Strength Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久敏捷, 10 (Agility Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久耐力, 10 (Stamina Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久精神, 10 (Spirit Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久攻击力, 10 (Attack Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久魔法攻击, 10 (Arcane Potion)
  • GETITEMS*永久战场移速, 10 (Speed Potion)
  • GETITEMS*白蔷薇秘药大, 10 (White Rose Potion, Large)
  • GETITEMS*基础锻造工具, 10 (Basic Forge Tools)
  • GETITEMS*高级锻造工具, 10 (Advanced Forge Tools)
  • GETITEMS*顶级锻造工具, 10 (Ultimate Forge Tools)

If you do not find any item you were looking for in the above Sands of Salzaar Console command, you can check the link I gave above to know about that. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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