SCARLET NEXUS | How To Tweak Deadzones & Sensivity

Scarlet Nexus features a dual story, begin your adventure with either Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall. As their different experiences interweave with each other, it is only then that you will reveal the full story. You will also unlock all the mysteries of a Brain Punk future tangled in technology and psychic abilities in SCARLET NEXUS. This post, however, is not about the actual game but how you run it. To be specific, it has to do with Dead zones and Sensitivity for Mouses and Gamepads.

Adjusting Deadzones & Sensitivity (Mouse & Gamepad)

Scarlet Nexus, by default, comes with a high Deadzone for both Gamepads and Mouses alike. This can be irritating for people and there is no way to adjust them inside the game.
The Developers only provided the option to adjust the Camera Speed, but no Dead zones and Sensitivity tweaks are available by default. Let me show you how to do that. It is doable by adjusting the Input.ini yourself.
The Input.ini can be found under: %LOCALAPPDATA%\ScarletNexus\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\.
Next, open the ini file and paste the following line of code provided by the steam user Maxunit.

About the Codes

The above line of codes are the default values given by Epic Games for the UE4. The addition of the config line is to disable Mouse Smoothing. Adjust every Deadzone to be 0.000000 for the Gamepad and increase the Gamepad_LeftX and Gamepad_LeftY Sensitivity to 2.0.

This might be a bit high, so set this up as per your needs. By default, the Left Stick needs a good effort of input, before you start walking or running.

That would be all from this guide on adjusting Deadzones and Sensitivity in Scarlet Nexus. Leave your doubts or thoughts down in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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