Spiderman Remastered Mapping Controls and Keybinds

The PC version of Spiderman was released by developer Insomniac Games. One of the official superheroes in the family is Spiderman. You will be fighting one of the best villains in the game as well as having access to different DLCs and various Spidey suits.

The game is getting a lot of positive feedback from players in the store. The controlling buttons were only set for the PS controller, as this game was first released for the platform.

The game has been re-mastered for the PC and newer keys have been assigned. DS4 for Windows software can be downloaded if you want to play this game on a PC with a Playstation controller.

So in this article, we will guide you with the best of our knowledge on how to map controls for Spiderman Remastered PC.

Spidermand remastered keybinds and controls

How to map controls and keybinds for Spiderman Remastered

First of all, I will list the controls for the XBOX gamepad so that any of you who is using an XBOX gamepad can have an easy way of setting it to your desired keybind…

Marvel’s Spiderman Control Buttons for Controller or Xbox Gamepad

  • Movement – Left-side Analog Stick
  • Free Look – Right-side Analog Stick
  • Medikit – Downward button of D-pad
  • Aiming – Left-Side Trigger Button
  • Fast Running and Swing – Right-Side Trigger Button
  • Dive – Downward button on the left-side
  • Gadget Shooting – Pressing the Right Bumper button
  • Replace and Equip another Gadget – Holding the Right Bumper Button
  • Pick up Camera – Upward Button on the D-pad
  • Game Pause – Menu Button
  • View Map – “Change View” Button
  • Strike with Web – Y
  • Attack Dodge – B
  • Jumping and Web Zipping – A
  • Attack – X
  • Finishing Movement – Press and Hold A and B at the same time
  • Suit Power Activate – Press and Hold the left and right sticks at the same time
  • Yank/Throw – Press the Left and Right Bumper Buttons at the same time
  • Photo Mode – Pressing the Menu Button and then Find from the pause menu

Marvel’s SpiderMan Control Buttons for Keyboard

These are the best keybinds for Spiderman Remastered if you are using a keyboard on a PC:

  • Movement – WASD Keys
  • Free Look – Mouse Movement
  • Current Objective – V key
  • Medikit – 1 key
  • Aiming – Right-Click
  • Fast Running and Swing – Left-Side Shift key
  • Diving – X key
  • Gadget Shooting – E key
  • Replace and Equip another Gadget – Middle Mouse Scrolling
  • Picking up camera – R Key
  • Pause Game – Esc Key
  • View Map – Tab Key
  • Striking Web – F Key
  • Dodging the Attack – Double Taping any movement button of WASD
  • Jumping and Web Zipping – Space Bar key
  • Attacking – Left Mouse Click Button
  • Finisher – 2 key
  • Active Suit Power – 3 key
  • Yank/Throw – Q Key
  • Photo Mode – P Key

And that is how you can bind your keys if you are using a console or a keyboard with Spiderman Remastered. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one!

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