Stranded Deep Update 1.14 Patch Notes – Jan 22

Stranded Deep Update 1.14 Patch Notes – Jan 22 – The update is free to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The latest patch resolves issues related to inventory, desyncs, player character falling out-of-world and more, according to the official patch notes. Performance fixes are also included in the version ofStranded Deep.

The last major patch has caused a number of issues and bugs for players. The Stranded Deep PS4 update addresses a few of these problems. You can check out more details below.

Stranded Deep Update 1.14 Patch Notes – Jan 22

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed inventory being wiped when a desynced object is stored inside.
  • Addressed desyncs caused by client joining an in-progress game and accessing a ‘Wood Crate’ previously accessed by the host.
  • Addressed host game getting stuck after client quits while host is using the ‘Shelter’ save game window.
  • Addressed player character falling out-of-world after getting revived when the player drowns and gets stuck inside a shipwreck or other structure.
  • Addressed P1’s held item not updating for P2 when auto-equipping end-game aircraft parts.
  • Addressed ‘Hog’ and ‘Giant Crab’ not spawning on custom islands.
  • Addressed rafts flipping when ‘Light Hook’ is added.
  • Addressed rafts bouncing all over the island when crafting a ‘Container Shelf’ over a ‘Light Hook’.
  • Addressed items hovering in air when dropped if another object is underneath.
  • Addressed P2 unable to retrieve ‘Seagull’ from ‘Bird Snare’.
  • Addressed ‘Bird’ ragdolls not falling to the ground when player fails to collect with a full inventory.
  • Addressed harvesting multiple ‘Yucca Fruits’ from a single ‘Yucca’ plant.

Download free Stranded Deep patch 1.14 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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